A scooting surprise – Cuckoo Trail, East Sussex

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As James sorts the sat-nav to reach this surprise scooting location, there I am, Hogwarts top and fidget spinner. Plus the scooters in the boot, of course. Yep, that’s adulthood.

Cuckoo Trail. I had never heard of it either. It’s a disused rail line, disbanded in the 1800s James said – but Google says 1968. You choose who to believe: someone who probably didn’t really Google it, and Google itself. Tough one.

We have only scooted for two months and it generally has been our choice of transport coming home from drinking, not much more. Recently we did go on a mission to find somewhere pretty to scoot, went to Shoreham, couldn’t find anywhere safe or legal and instead tried to find the chalk horse on the hill. Couldn’t find that either. So instead went to the lavender fields in Eynsford. We never did scoot, I just got carried away and ended up telling you about our day.

But Cuckoo Trail, my friends, is a 14 mile cement path! Safe and pretty! Seriously what we have been searching for but clearly not actually trying. Other than my stand breaking 100 metres in – these scooters are seriously just falling apart, nothing to do with the path – it’s perfect.

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As often with any adventure, I said to James ‘Oh, I want to take my little brother here!’ and yes I still do, it’ll be great fun for him on his bike – just like lots of other little kids were doing. BUT, I must say, as the trail went on you do have to cross roads at some places and after Horam, in the woodland areas, there are sheer drops on either side of the path. It’s completely safe, don’t get me wrong (please never change) but you have to make sure your kid knows how to use his breaks, and preferably not think he’s a stunt man/wolverine.

Side note: my little brother is 4, I’m not talking about my 28 year old brother. Though both love bikes. But only one of them thinks they’re wolverine. I think.

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I learnt how to scoot one handed. Also tried a few tricks (e.g. sticking my leg out. Yes that’s a trick.) and got told off a lot by James whenever I’d stick my arse out while scooting as my leggings would go see through. What can I say? I’m a butt dancer.

Warning to the ignorant like us – one way is down hill. So, great fun on a scooter. Also means the way back is up hill. Hence the walking the scooters photos.

Oh, I just remembered, I did have one foot on each scooter while James pushed. That is a true trick.

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Due to dooming rain (started the second we got in the car) we turned back after about 4.5 miles. Might be 5. Which means we scooted/walked 10 miles though. That’s if you can count scooting downhill for 5 miles as exercise. We will go back and do it completely.

IMG_1699 2

Warning if you are interested in doing the Cuckoo Trail. Unfortunately there is a lot of poo. Dog and horse.

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