12 Days of Christmas ideas (mainly for Grandparents)

I don’t understand it, but the older you get the more you dislike Christmas. That hurt me to write. I, on the other hand, am 26 and still going strong.

I have loved the 12 Days of Christmas since I was a child. Thank you Disney Christmas CD for teaching me all the words – and making my family still sing it in the funny voices. And to add to my list of 12 million projects going on, I decided to do my grandparents their very own advent surprise based upon this song.

Now it was a lot harder than I thought it would be, because although there are so many things to buy out there (Matalan has a pear bauble, there’s a crime book called 12 Drummers Drumming etc) but this is for the older generation. They don’t even decorate for Christmas anymore, let alone want some random tat from me because it coincides with a song that I’ve always loved.

I couldn’t find much on the internet to help me either, so maybe this is the post to help others.

Some items are related to the name, some just the number.

I just want them to have that little bit of excitement in the crazy build up to Christmas, and let them know that although I’m not often there because I’m always busy that I’m still thinking of them.

It’s for them to open every other day, ending with Christmas Eve.

A partridge in a pear tree


This candle was from Primark for £1. Although the smell is questionable, one of my Nan’s loves penguins so it was hard to say no.

Two turtle doves


Dove. Get it? Plus old people love smelly things. This is around £4.

Three french hens


Now you may not see the relation. That’s very well because it’s a stretch, but like I said it has to be things they would like – not just for the sake of it. So this is because of the 3 Christmas ghosts. I’ll write something on their tags to make more sense.

Four callings birds


I think these are calling to you! Plus who doesn’t love a mince pie?! (Me, actually)

Five golden rings


An essential, some say.

Six geese a-laying


This item was from Aldi and only £1.99. Six baubles, which look like eggs (the geese are a-laying), and, even better, 100% of the profit goes to charity.

Seven swans a-swimming


This one was a genuine nightmare. In the end I went down the route of swans swimming on lakes, what lake can the grandparents make? What’s better than a lake made of jelly or chocolate?!

Eight maids a-milking


Milk chocolate. Obviously.

Nine ladies dancing


I love this film, it’s a gem. And with both sets of grandparents loving Doris Day, what could go wrong?! And, of course, she dances in it.

Ten lords a-leaping


Anyone remember the game Jacks?! No, probably not. No one would choose this over an iPad. The idea is that you have to throw the ball in the air – like a leap – while you pick up the jacks.

Eleven pipers pipping 


Let them test their piping skills. This tube isn’t too small either, so hopefully won’t be too hard to squeeze.

Twelve drummers drumming


To finish it off, the original item that I saw in September which made me decide to do this mad, stressful advent for my grandparents. I mean, wonderful and totally easy to think of ideas advent..

This is £8 and from Dunelm, and has toffees and fudge in.

The tags? They are from an etsy shop called MTBCreations for £2.49.


Thank you for reading and hopefully this will inspire or help you with any ideas brewing in your own mind!


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