I made pesto pasta – Veganuary


*Warning* Not a food blogger!

This blogger does not know what she is doing!

Seriously, she can hardly cook and decided to be vegan for a month!

She’s practically mental!


Oh, yummy…

So I ate pesto for years and didn’t realise it wasn’t vegetarian. There’s a few products I cocked up on in my 4 years veggie – strong mints was another one. Lindt chocolate. There’s a few.

My reaction was basically a damn and shrug of my shoulders, which is a lot better than when I was a month into being veggie and I was eating jelly babies mindlessly and then realised they aren’t vegetarian and had a break down. I didn’t know what to do (this was the repulsed by meat stage). Should I make myself throw up?!?!

I didn’t – and don’t do that if you’re new to it and accidentally eat something.

I mean, you can do what you want but I don’t recommend it.

So.. a pesto sauce is pretty simple and any recipe you look up is going to be very similar. My verdict on mine? It was alright… That’s about it… It was good, and considering I am a total novice, I’m happy with it. Also, something I haven’t mentioned, I suck at sticking to instructions so I kinda did my own thing.

I didn’t have nutritional yeast for example, and, after Googling just now, it does sound like the one thing I was missing (a cheesy flavour). There was no cheese. I love cheese. I live for cheese. Cheese has become my bacon. Vegans don’t eat cheese.  So maybe all that was missing was that flavour, which I bet you can just get over eventually.

Maybe I’ll buy some nutritional yeast. I wonder if they add that to like pizzas or lasagnas. I bet this is obvious.

My friend keeps recommending Holland and Barrett, because not only do they have all kind of goodness for vegans, but they quite often have reduced vegan bits. Which, to non vegans, begs the question ‘do they always have reduced items because it’s shit and no one wants it?’ I will pop in there soon and will answer this question.

Anyway, in my sauce I blended (no measurements) (oops);

small bag of pine nuts
a bunch of basil
maybe like two tablespoons of olive oil
a bit of salt
a bit of pepper
4 garlic cloves (recipe said more but I wasn’t doing any of it right anyway)
and a lid full of lemon juice (this wasn’t on the recipe I was half following but saw it on another one)


I wont wing it like this for other recipes this month, this was just a sauce after all.

Buuuuut, so far so good I think.

And to finish, my partners input with his Veganuary.

day 2


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