Pizza Express, there was a lot of pressure on this pizza – Veganuary


So other vegetarians will confirm that pizza is the only reason to live.

This may be a big/false statement, but it is pretty accurate for me.

I can’t have bacon, I will have pizza.

KFC? It’s okay, pizza.

Goodbye Big Mac, hello pizza. 

Kentucky fried chicken, with two beef patty’s and topped with crispy bacon burger?
Papa John, Dominoes, Pizza Hut, Pizza Express, it’s okay, PIZZA!…

Speaking of Pizza Express, my partner got a deal for 2 pizzas for £10. My favourite pizza from ASDA is £4, but 5 quid for a Pizza Express pizza?! You literally have no choice on whether you are going or not.

They may expect you to order loads of drinks, but we had tap water so jokes on them.

James first joked whether we should ditch this going vegan for January project, but it has not been broken yet! They have a vegan pizza – Giardinera pizza. Now, as you can tell, pizza means a lot to me, and James was eating meat less than a week ago so there was a lot of pressure on this experience. We both agreed though, when in doubt, drizzle the whole pizza in garlic and chilli oil. (Side note, we do this anyway, and always have. It’s delicious.)

The verdict? It was genuinely amazing. It’s like a normal pizza. It wasn’t a ‘oh that’s close to the real thing’ kind of situation, a pizza that vegans would like but everyone else would be able to tell the difference. There was no disappointment what so ever and James (like I said, big meat eater) said, and I quote, ‘f**king amazing’.

Vegan cheese, tomato, black olives, artichoke, onions, mushrooms and garlic oil.

This being vegan shindig is easy.

Maybe I should try and eat some healthy vegan foods instead, this is clearly no diet.


I’d also like to mention that during a argument with my 4 year old brother he called me a ‘babybel‘. Now I don’t know how he knows but that’s very offensive to us vegans for a month. He went below the belt.

james pizza

Don’t know if it’s related but I am definitely feeling better – this is the first time out since Christmas Eve.


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