Weekend treats – Veganuary

You want to know a secret? I’m a week and one day into being vegan and I still have no idea how to say Veganuary out loud when people ask me about it. I can’t work it out. I’ve never been one for pronouncing words correctly.

Anyway, on with the show. This weekend I had many, many treats – I really am not being healthy. Some say these treats included cinnamon rolls, food from Wasabi, biscuits and a takeaway curry, though I’m not at liberty to confirm nor deny this rumour.


Though there may be some photographic evidence..

IMG_0104 1

That Wasabi dish though, omg, I’m not joking – I have fallen asleep day dreaming about eating it again. It didn’t actually say vegan in the shop, only vegetarian, but we did a little Google (the amount of times I’ve typed ‘is so and so vegan‘ into Google) (someone should do a troll site that says things that aren’t vegan, are vegan) and looked at the ingredients and we couldn’t see anything. Fingers crossed ay!

Although we definitely, no doubt want to do this honestly and stay vegan, I suppose it doesn’t worry us if by accident we weren’t. If this was about staying veggie though, it’ll be a different story. I don’t eat anything unless it says ‘suitable for vegetarians’. I’ve been caught out so many times thinking it was fine (thought of two more I was eating before finding out they weren’t veggie: French Fancies and M&Ms) (but at Christmas they do Frosted Fancies which are vegetarian) (I ate boxes and boxes of them) (seriously) (I’ve used more than my quota of brackets in this post).

I’m thinking of rustling up a summary post of good – not healthy – vegan snacks I’ve discovered and devoured.

I swear to you I’ve also been eating apples and bananas.

james fb


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