Let me eat all the curry – Veganuary

If being vegan means I get to eat curry everyday, I think I’m okay with it.


I swear I don’t eat out this much, ever.

My family didn’t realise it wasn’t ‘normal’ to eat as much curry as we do till one of my typically English friends (who’s parents wouldn’t cook it because of the smell) pointed it out. Then again her shock didn’t mean much because we were shocked at her, but I’m proud to say that she had her first curry with us.

We are a curry family.

Seeing as I ate meat up until 4 and a half years ago I would have the same dishes and always with chicken.

Once vegetarian, at our favourite curry house, I took the risk of trying a Vegetable Thali (I used to be a picky eater). My mind was blown away at how delicious it was – without any meat! Although I was trying new things you quickly fall back into a routine and naturally I had my ‘usuals’.

Now, this vegan month, we have been trying new things left right and centre and I have to say that has been the best part. All the delicious foods I’ve tried. You have this idea that vegans mustn’t like food, or you have to be a meat eater to be a real ‘foodie’. Couldn’t be further from the truth.

Vegan curry – you should try it even if you eat meat. Think of it as just curry, without a label. Just delicious food.

We ordered so many different dishes, not knowing if we would like any (and my old picky eater self came out when I saw a spinach one and judged it) and they were all amazing. I don’t remember curry being this good when I ate meat.


Then quite naturally I had an onion Bhaji wrap from ASDA the next day, which wasn’t the best really but I can’t resist feeling like I HAVE to try things when I see they are vegan.

And as I finish this post I am day dreaming about finishing off the left overs from the curry house. Oh curry, I do love you.

james day 11


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