Tesco’s vegan pizza is everything you need in life – Veganuary


Remember a few days ago I said I was going to try vegan pizza and hummus???

Yeah, well we didn’t have any hummus so we didn’t do that BUT this pizza was AMAZING! No condiments needed at all, don’t you even think about it! Just leave it alone in all it’s glory.

When we bought it from Tesco (their new vegan Wicked Kitchen range) there was only one left – I mentioned James promised to share it with me and thankfully he did. I completely understand why there was only one left. You will not want to share this. Also, it’s not massive.


Never, in less than a month, have I ever made so many ‘umm’s while eating or my mind been blown so much. That’s saying something. I’m questioning what I’ve been eating most of my life because I’ve definitely made the wrong choices if I have never consistently been wowed like this before.


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