I kinda did it – Veganuary


I mentioned the trendy vegan bowls recently, and my lack of interest in them. Controversial, considering how pretty they look and how ugly the food I’ve been eating is.

I mean, I assume they’re full of goodness too?

I still vowed to try one.

Try one – that’s pretty vague. There’s so many different ‘bowls’ but the one we all know are the acai bowls. Still yet to give it a go but I will. I will.

Something I had yesterday, which isn’t my style or taste buds really, (but looks prettier than the other dishes I’ve been sharing this month) is this yogurt and fruit bowl. Alpro blueberry yogurt with blueberries and strawberries.

I can say, and by my own surprise, it was delicious. I don’t miss milk products (and I accidentally ate something containing milk yesterday and I had awful belly pains in bed – over sharing??) so looking for a good vegan yogurt wasn’t my top priority.


Yet here I am, writing a blog post on how much I enjoyed a soya yogurt and fruit bowl. I had a bowl. I had a vegan bowl.

Am I officially a true vegan now?



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