Hackney Downs vegan market – Veganuary

emilyannlou vegan burger and dog

As we are nearing the end of Veganuary, I can safely say, without a shadow of a doubt, that to my surprise – I still don’t know how to pronounce it.

In other news, we hopped down to Hackney, London, for their weekly vegan market. It isn’t big, not that I was expected Spitalfields but using my awful memory, and no photo evidence, I think there was 6 food stools. Then there were possibly 4 other stools selling things like vegan cheeses (which is food, I know, but you aren’t going to walk around eating cheese) and things like vegan leggings. You get the idea.

Very cool place.

I’m sometimes overwhelmed by cool places – plus I had travel sickness from the bus which lead onto anxiety because bodies are confusing – so I calmed down with a warm mulled cider before choosing food. Meanwhile Roxanne, James’s cousin, bought a Thai dish (below).

emily thai

I didn’t try it, although she did offer, because it just seems too rude for me to dip my fingers into her food (she’s Australian so was probably okay with it), but I have a quote from her. ‘It was the best Thai food I’ve had outside Thailand.’ That’s pretty solid. Also, look how pretty and colourful it is.

I went onto my second pint and James went onto a Japanese dish, that I forgot to photograph.

emilyannlou burger

Once I felt better I decided to try a vegan burger. It seemed a shame to see all these different foods and to go for a burger – but I followed my taste buds oh me oh my it was delicious. I had the Facon Burger (James asked for the Falcon burger). Just yes. I want it now in fact, and I just ate. Easily the best vegan/veggie burger I’ve ever had – and possibly the best burger all together.

I don’t know how they do it. There was even a smoked cheese flavour in there. I feel like they must have been trolling us all and really we were eating the meatyest meat of all time topped with extra smoky cheese. James and Roxanne would be fine with it, while everyone else would projectile vomiting everywhere.

emily and james

Desert? Always desert.

Just how do they make it taste so good?!?!?! Please tell me, so I can make James learn and cook for me.

First vegan market is a big BIG win. The only downside is that it can be expensive and some of the queues were crazy long. Worth it, totally, but you can’t rush in and out. It’s not a place you rush about anyway, everyone is chill and relaxed, and, funnily enough, speak quietly come to think of it.

Also, not a negative in my eyes at all, is that you’re going to get an eclectic bunch of people. I say this only because I know people who would hate that – but technically they hate the hipsters but there wasn’t too many of them, just people expressing themselves.

All in all, I wanna go back. All that matters, right?!

Plus, lots of dogs there.


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