My favourite, laziest dish – Veganuary

I’m a lazy cook…

Are you ready for one of my ‘a bit of this, a bit of that’ recipes?!


Sausages and Noodles

Original title. Sounds scrumptious.

I have made this meal for ages, usually with Quorn chicken pieces BUT of course they have egg in, so this month I adapted it to Quorn vegan chicken (I’m still trying to like it) or Linda McCartney sausages.

Like I’ve said with other recipes I’ve posted, you can (I do) add other spices and flavours but I’m keeping it reaaaal simple and reaaaal lazy today.

Probably not good for you at all, but there are not many ‘quick vegan meals’ so this is my go to.

Also, whenever I make it I have to make extra as my 4 year old brother always asks for it – whether he has eaten or not.

You Need

Vegetable oil
Linda McCartney sausages
EITHER lazy garlic and lazy chilli (also good with ginger), or real garlic and chilli
Soy sauce
Straight to wok medium noodles


Throw some oil in a pan, followed by the sausages
Then clean up the mess from the oil you threw
Add a teaspoon of garlic and chilli and cook till the sausages are browning
Cut the sausages up
Add a little dash of soy sauce

After a while chuck the noodles in
Add a lot more soy sauce
Keep trying it and adding more till it tastes wonderful
Cook for a few minutes for the noodles to soak up the flavours and get hot

Then voila!

I’ve even done this for my family when camping but with rice, not noodles.

The easiest, laziest and delicious-iest dish.




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