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Hi there, I’m Emily.

After truly understanding the saying ‘work hard play hard’ at 26, my life has changed.

See, I’ve always loved comfort • To have childish fun and laugh about • I used to love a lie in • I’d head straight for the large lounge seats at garden centres and try them all out.

I love leisure. I love to relax. That’s always the goal.

Along with chilling, travel has always been a priority. I’ve also always made things, had projects and too many hobbies to count.

But there wasn’t a balance.

Too much of everything and no direction.

Because at the end of the day, I just want to sit in a jacuzzi.


Now I see

how important it is for me to do projects and not need a reason, but just make and travel as much as possible. For my own happiness.

Although the journey is the most important part, thinking of the journey doesn’t make me start.

It’s all just so I can enjoy sitting to the best of my ability.

I will climb that mountain, just so I can lie down at the top.


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Feel free to contact me for any reason at all! It’s nice to bond.






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