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Hello, Hi, I’m Emilyannlou.

I am one of those who has a need to make stuff, constantly. Like, come on mind you can turn off sometimes. Though not being an expert in anything, I am avidly interested in everything.

I like real. I like when things aren’t just shiny but you get to see the grit too. My posts are generally the grit inside my brain.

I suppose I started my blog as I’m a loud person on the inside. Inside my home, inside my brain and inside my relationships. To others not on the inside I could be perceived as shy. I don’t always feel like my voice should be heard in crowds, I also get anxiety which traps it anyway, but I have a lot to say. I have a need to be loud.

I am 25. I live in England. Just outside London. That’s enough on my location. Stalker. Joking. I swear I was joking. Please don’t get upset. No don’t leave. I promise I won’t call you a stalker again. Yeah I love you too. Cool. Besties? Besties.


This is a blog attempting to inspire those who have as little idea about life as I do. I’m just winging it, and I’m alright with that now.

Photography by Amy Simpson
Photography by Amy Simpson

Feel free to contact me for any reason at all! It’s nice to bond.

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