February adventure box

Yes, it’s late.


In January I shared my adventure box idea – a gift to each couple in my family of a whole years worth of fun – and today I’m finally sharing Feb. Don’t get me wrong, during February I kept thinking ‘oh, I better do that’ and always shrugging it off because there was always more time.

WRONG! February has the least amount of time.

I knew this, I’ve lived 26 February’s, and yet here I am, on March the 12th (which if Feb had 31 days, it would still be March the 9th), finally doing it.

(I am very visual and I can’t hold a lot of information in my brain before it flies out. I need a calendar) (like, always by my side) (actually, in front of me) (glued to my eye lids, preferably)


This month comes with Valentine’s cards for them to make, candles, a print of their initials and a pancake recipe for pancake day.

febuary emilyannlou

I pride myself on my honesty, and I can honestly tell you I have never, ever made pancakes before. I have no bliming clue how this recipe tastes. Funny that, considering I wrote it…




pancakes 2

So that was last month for you and I may even be wild this month and post it THIS MONTH. Let’s not hold ourselves to anything, yeah? The best way.


A year of adventure – January 2018 –


Christmas in 2016 (is this chick still talking about Christmas?! no, don’t worry, hold tight) I realised that, for me, it isn’t about consumerism..

“Maybe Christmas, the Grinch thought, doesn’t come from a store.”
Dr. Seuss, How the Grinch Stole Christmas!

..and so all my gifts were from charities and small businesses.

It felt good. It was almost right but something was still missing.

For years I would fantasize making presents instead and living the Christmas dream I always imagined in my mind. Last Christmas, 2017, I did just that. I made the presents for my family (but I obviously had to buy stuff to make this gift).

I have an obsession with documenting and collecting, I also love an adventure, doing things less ordinary and particularly with my partner in crime. So that’s where this idea naturally came from.

Welcome to that gift, which I can now share with you and will continue to share through out the year because, as you will see, it is a present for the whole of 2018. (And if you’d like to play along that’ll be cool?)

An Adventure Box!


I gifted each couple in my family this box from Ikea filled to the top with 12 A3 envelopes – one for each month.

Each month has a list of activities to do along with items I provided.

They range from ‘go for a walk together’ to dressing up for St Patrick’s Day. There’s also some ridiculous things which was my partners input. Like, really stupid.

There are also suggestions at the bottom for things to do – if there was a moment in their month where they wanted to do something but couldn’t think what.

I tried to keep things free, there aren’t activities to spend loads of money up London or go on holiday, but rather fun simple things together – while still traveling about and having adventures. Which is what I’m about anyway.



When they first opened the box they saw the sheet above explaining what the box is. Underneath in it’s own plastic bag was this lot below. A photo album (with only 12 sleeves and I put a sticker of each month on each page), a bunch of stickers, washi tape, wooden names, and glue dots.

Every month they have to choose their favourite photo and pop it in there. There they have the option of decorating the album or anything else in the future.


I made 6 of these boxes in total but I’m showing you my Mum and Dad’s box, I’m sure they won’t mind.

This month;

  • share the bottle of champagne
  • write a hope, dream or resolution on the paper provided and roll it up into the Christmas bauble
  • go for a walk with their fit bits, whatever the weather
  • pop a photo in the album

jan emilyannlou

A lot of these things are a joke. The champagne is sparkling perry (think Lambrini) and the expensive fit bits are 99p each.


That’s all for now, I’ll share each envelope in the month it’s intended for. I spent a lot of time on these boxes, from September till Christmas Eve (I really wanted to be done in November but I kept getting more ideas). I love the idea so much and I’m pretty chuffed with how it came out. My family all seemed excited too, which is obviously the most important part.

Thanks for reading! If you decide to do any of these things let me know!



my cork board

I saved corks for years. In those years I had to explain to people why I kept them when they asked. Sharing ideas is liberating, which is why I inconsistently blog, but how do you show someone the visions in your brain. There was always a plan and I could always see it, and now after many many many drinks, many vague conversations with vaguely interested friends, and many different new homes for them, I can now hang up my new cork board. Because ideas don’t just vanish, and it’s always totally worth it.

IMG_2657.jpg 1

IMG_2641.jpg 1

IMG_2654.jpg 1

IMG_2661.jpg 1

IMG_2660.jpg 1

IMG_2695.jpg 1

Tattoos That I Will Never Get

I’m not sure about everyone but when I was below the twenty mark I searched high and low for anything that would express to others ‘who I am’. It had me exploring many different styles which always left me feeling a little weird. At the same time I wouldn’t fit in for the sake of fitting in, which also left me in a pickle quite often – why couldn’t I just either be completely weird or completely normal and people just high five me for it?! It’s called being a teenager, get over it. Only once I let go of all these ideas, judgements and thoughts did I actually stay myself in everything, and this need to express myself to the world naturally went. Along with it, the tattoos I once wanted.

I may change my mind, as I often do, but… I won’t get any tattoos. Bold statement, why does it matter? It really doesn’t, but I have ‘ummed’ and ‘ahhed’ over getting one – trying to ignore my friends getting them and egging me on and my parents doing the opposite – so it has been a constant thought flowing back and forth. Though now I have decided to never get any. Simple reason being; I really like my body. (Not suggesting those who have them don’t!) Despite the moles, wrinkles, cellulite and flab (I paint such a pretty picture), a while ago I accepted it as mine and I’m cool with that. I don’t want to mark it.

As I’ve mentioned before I’m in a ‘get rid of everything I’ve been hoarding for my entire life’ mood, and so my next step is to release my tattoo ideas into the world so they won’t cross my mind any more. Although they are crap, they are up for grabs if you want them.

here comes the sun

here comes the sun 3

I decided I wanted ‘here comes the sun’ when I was 17, in either script text or my own crap hand writing. A best friend told me if I don’t have it done by the time I’m 30 (or she may have said 25, they both seem so far away when you’re 17) she is stealing it. It’s all yours if you want it, Simpson! You did say that 7 years ago though..

feet tattoo

I decided upon this at 18. On my wrist of course.


At 19 I wanted these addictions to the original tattoo that I never got. The comedy mask represents my brother, the heart my sister, the bird my Dad and the sun my Mum. And yes, they were meant to look like that.

I’m a very decisive indecisive. Glad I stuck to sharpie.

Hope you have a great day!

IMG_1734.jpg 1

“I’m drawing the tattoos that I will never have, for a blog post”

“You should draw me some :)”

“They’re awful”

“So are the drawings of 2 year olds, but people still get them inked on themselves”

Tree Branch and Shells

IMG_1710.jpg 1

Do you get more attached or feel more connected to natural or artificial objects?

Two of my favourite items in my apartment I didn’t pay for, and I found them while out and about. Completely natural and perfectly imperfect. My favourite qualities in everything.

I have a lot of stuff (though I plan to get rid of most of it) and by far I feel more for these two items than the rest; my pile of shells and my tree branch. Don’t you just want to stare at those shells for hours? They’re fascinating. I’m not sure if I am going to keep them for long, I’m thinking of giving them out to some special peeps with a little message in. But they do look perfect together.. It seems a shame to split them up.. You are not attached, Emily, you are not attached! (I’m really not though.)

IMG_1667.jpg 1
The day I gathered them.

IMG_1705.jpg 1

On a walk a year ago (I think) I decided to pick up my tree branch and take it home with me. I got some real dodgy looks walking back, and even from my family when I washed it in my Mums garden. And yet when people come over they always compliment it, and I’m like ‘haaa in your face sucka!‘ You know, casual.

IMG_1703.jpg 2
IMG_1699.jpg 1

Happy days!


Knitting Update

emilyannlou 3

Long story short, I’m still crap.

emilyannlou knitting update

After trying knitting again after 10 years, I’m still in the stage of learning. I’ve completely embraced all the mistakes I’ve made and how misshaped this is. This will be the most imperfect and strange looking blanket, and it’s going to be great, right up my street.

I’m enjoying knitting, it’s relaxing. I’m not sure if I will ever learn to knit perfect little jumpers and booties for future nieces and nephews, I’ll leave that to my Nan. While I knit them ugly blankets. Thought that counts, right? The pink knitting needles says it all really.

I am getting better though! Result! 

IMG_1746.jpg 1

10 years ago, at 14, I used to get blisters on my fingers from guitar. Now I get them from knitting.