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Words which help keep me present, because it really is the greatest feeling.

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I would like to share this feeling, which is why this canvas is my next craft for Day Tripper. An object won’t do anything for the person to feel present, I’m sure, but hopefully it will encourage it. Maybe the doors will open.

See you tomorrow for Day Tripper #6!


Day Tripper #3

day tripper 3

Hello and welcome to Day Tripper #3! My map from yesterday is now off living it’s own journey in London, more specifically in Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane. Both pretty cool, popular places that I have been to many times, though not as an observer but part of the crowd.

What’s Day Tripper I hear you cry? Check out this post.

These are my favourite photos taken on my film camera Olympus Trip 35.

If you want to play a game, count how many people are looking at me. I have the number at the bottom of the page.

day tripper 3

Sidenote: Just something that inspired me the day before I took these photos. I watched the documentary Smash His Camera, about Ron Galella’s work and the paparazzi. Now my opinion on the paparazzi is pretty neutral, celebrity couture doesn’t interest me, but there is an underlining feeling that it is probably morally wrong. That being said some of his photos are beautiful, and he said something that really stuck with me. Which is also probably morally wrong, but whatever. It was along the lines of that you have to keep shooting away, and the person, or their agents will say ‘no photos’, and so you stop, but because you were prepared and snapping away, you already have the photo before they said no. Really inspired me for street photography, and gave me great confidence to just do it. All of us are guilty of taking forever to frame something before pressing the button, and then taking a few photos of the same thing just to make sure we have it (usually with digital cameras/phones), but by then the moment has gone. Some market stools don’t like photos to be taken of their stuff, not sure why, and some said no, but I had already taken the photo. Like a ninja!

day tripper 3

day tripper 3

day tripper 3

day tripper 3

day tripper 3

day tripper 3

day tripper 3

day tripper 3

day tripper 3

day tripper 3

day tripper 3

day tripper 3

day tripper 3

day tripper 3

Where I left my treasure.

day tripper 3

day tripper 3

Over and out, Emily x

Out of focus extras



The sign said ‘human bones’ ……..

7 people were looking at me. Some you can’t tell as well, they may have just been looking in my direction, but some are so obvious once you zoom in. A little bit creepy, but I obviously asked for it.

Side note: Day Tripper – absolutely nothing to do with the meaning of the song. I just love The Beatles, like a lot.

My Map

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It was 7.30am on a Thursday. The day before I had played with sticks all day. Some people in my family thought this was a weird statement when I told them what I was doing, ‘I won’t ask,’ okay then I won’t tell. I was trying to make a craft for Day Tripper, but getting no inspiration, and then suddenly it was 7.30am and I needed to leave to meet my friend in 3 hours. Totally sounds like I stayed up all night in a mad fury. Rushing around with crazy eyes, desperately looking for inspiration in all the wrong places, getting so close to my formula creation and then loosing it and smashing everything up till everything around me has taken the physical form of my mind, and dead on 7.29am I fall into my bed giving up at last, and while reflecting on my failure my alarm goes off.. No, that didn’t happen. I had just woken up, and I actually felt good and not crazy. Then from no where the idea came to label a map of of one my favourite countries; Malta.

I often follow what feels ‘right’, in all things in life. I can try all day at something, and only once I follow the path that feels right, natural and true, does it all come together. You just have to go with that feeling. With everything, sometimes it’s strange. Hard to explain, does any one else get this?

Photo by Amy Simpson

I labelled my map, inaccurately, with my favourite places that mean something to me and ironed onto cotton. I say inaccurately because it really is, like if the person who found this went to Malta and only used this map to get around (for some weird reason that I would love) they would be lost instantly. But it’s personalised to my memories.

As I said on my last Day Tripper craft, I have a collection of all different things, from recent years to forever ago, which makes doing it last minute possible. Just in case you wondered how I did this in that morning, and also got ready, and took photos and wrote the note I leave with it e.t.c. Even more, I wasn’t running late. Whoopa! I conveniently have white cotton, iron on transfers, cork and two big clips just lying around.

The third Day Tripper will be out tomorrow so stay tuned! I’ve only done these with my Mum and my friend so far and both of them just want to know what’s happened to the craft. My Mum wants to check on the first one, my friend was imagining someone finding this when they were already debating going to Malta and this convincing them.. Or they could have been thrown away, but that’s the excitement for me. The not knowing. What about you, would the not knowing be too much?

See you tomorrow, over and out, Emily x

Day Tripper #2

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Welcome to Day Tripper number 2. This week I visited Brixton and Herne Hill in London. These are two places that tourists wouldn’t necessarily go to, and they are constantly busy and buzzing – anxiety thrives in these kinds of places. But I’m still feeling good, I’m still smiling, like my craft from yesterday suggests, and even though it rained so much this day that I thought my toes may fall off there was still a skip in my step.

Don’t know what Day Tripper is? Explained here.

This is the item I left there, that I revealed yesterday.

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These are my favourite photos taken on my Olympus Trip 35.

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And where I left my treasure.

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Over and out, Emily x

We could hear this parrot in the window wolf whistling from down the street.

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Out of focus extras

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Side note: Day Tripper – absolutely nothing to do with the meaning of the song. I just love The Beatles, like a lot.

Toddler Crafting: Primary Colours

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The toddler crafting I bring to you today was for little man to try different tools to paint with. Spoiler: painting with hands always wins. I had three box canvases, 10 cm in size, and a whole lot of enthusiasm.

‘Red’ was painted with a paint brush, ‘yellow’ with a sponge and ‘blue’ with hands. For the words I cut them out from masking tape and stuck them on the blank canvas. Once they’re painted just peal them back off. I did have to touch them up with white paint.

IMG_1006 1

IMG_1007 1

You could use alphabet stickers instead, especially if you find some that are really fancy/pretty/cool. I do wonder whether if I used stickers little man would peal them off and prefer to play with them instead. He loves stickers, what can I say. Could probably bribe him with stickers better than with chocolate. Not better than blueberries though…

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The results of painting with different tools: Little man is 22 months old now. He has used a paint brush before and did a lot of jabbing with it, with a few swirls which looked pretty cool. He then slapped his hand in the red paint and tried to do hand prints on the canvas, and although it was meant to encourage using the paint brush I allowed him to go with whatever he fancied doing. Which included a blue Hitler moustache.

He has never used a sponge to paint before and I think it confused him a little. He did use it as if he was washing himself with the paint. He really gave himself a make over, but if you’ve never done it before how do you know how it feels??

Painting with his hands with the blue was obviously the easiest. He learnt that it’s quicker to put the canvas into the paint rather than transfer it with your hands. Smart lad. He also explored the back, which it hadn’t occurred to me that he hadn’t seen the back, nor understood what he’s actually painting on.

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Good job. It’s fun for all, really is. Just wish I could join in and get away with painting my own face. I mean, he painted mine, but it’s not the same.

Over and out, Emily x

Toddler Crafting: Last Minute Valentine’s Day Card

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A last minute Valentine’s idea for you today! Technically speaking it is for babies and toddlers, but why can’t adults give each other prints? What age do we stop doing them? Totally going to start it again. I’m bringing hand prints back.

I originally wanted to do thump print to make hearts and dot them all around the card (sounds cute doesn’t it), but this babies thump was too small to work well. If you are using an older than 5 month old baby it may work. Speaking like I’m talking about a paintbrush and not a human. He is a lovely little man, I assure you.

Draw a heart and fit his feet into it, easy peasy. The trick with any print for any age is to take control – at any age they want to pull away or play with the paint, they don’t want to be still for a few seconds. Be a dictator and keep his limb still. Nothing says Valentine’s Day like being a dictator. What is going on with my brain today? I’m not a dictator, I make sure it’s fun with lots of ooo‘s and awww‘s (noise’s like that speak to them, you know? The little man in my life is nearly two, and if you exaggeratedly laugh or smile to him he mimics). In my experience, once they reach that age that they understand things a bit more and are interested in things (I can get my little man excited at helping to make me a cup of tea) they really enjoy printing, just a side-note there.

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Over and out, Emily x