The way I tidy (the wrong way)


Spoon full of sugar, and all that.

I still have to find the fun and make tidying a game, Mary Poppins knew her stuff..

You know the millions of personality tests, I’m always the type who has messy surrounds and is not only is fine with it, can thrive creatively in it. I’m also the type that the ‘really neat’ type gets infuriated about – I know more of those people.

I had to have a little tidy today though, my bedroom is also a somewhat office and so although everywhere has a place, the place is just everywhere. That really should be my slogan.


I’m very good at treating and rewarding myself, I think it’s something anxiety has taught me. So the way I tidy is I do some of the boring bit, then I do a nice thing. And so on.

Netflix on too, has to be done. Happy Valley. I liked it. Has to be background noise though otherwise I’d just tidy my bed and make a nice cosy circle to watch it from with a cup of tea.

Netflix on, slippers on – put away clean clothes – light a candle – tidy the bags of bits I’m selling…


Find a receipt from Bruge, Belgium, McDonald’s and instantly send a photo to the boyfriend…


Then send him photos of how clear the floor looks…


Then have a cup of coffee…


And decide to clutter up the newly cleared desk and start cutting up some art prints…


Water my beloved plants…


Take photos of a frame I refurbished…


And write a blog post (right now)…


Soooo, I may flit from one thing to the next and get distracted but at least its a little bit better and I don’t have to jump over things just to get out the door.

Till a couple of days time that is.





Going from one bed to another

I seem to have gotten into a routine of bed hopping. Now hold on one second, that is not anything sexual before you think it! But quite frankly I’m charmed that you would think that I could pull that many guys to bed hop like that. Thank you. Sadly, I mean because of my work schedule, James’s work schedule, my depression and, lets be honest, laziness, my new routine is literally to leave one bed for the next. Like a beauty vlogger; My Morning Routine! My Daily Routine! My Nightly Routine! Bed. I’m in bloody bed. It’s always bed. I’m in bed as I write this. It’s 18:09. 

Let’s lay it out. For the last two weeks James has been getting up at 6:30am for work, and seeing as the only time we can see each other is in the week, I am there. Waking up. At 6:30am. On my days off. I get home at 7:30am and go straight to bed. I don’t sleep, I drink coffee, blog, watch YouTube. Bed.

Suddenly it’s like 10am, shit. I must do something. How about a tea this time? Well, while I’m drinking it; bed. Breakfast? Bed. What’s next? What do I want to do? I go off and do it, and then when I’m not; bed. Maybe bed is my ‘sofa’ because I live with my parents. Whatever, it’s still a bed.

I’ve said bed so many times it’s no longer a word.






Thank you Google.

Is my bed the best one in the world? No*. I feel like it hardly resembles a mattress with all the lumps, bumps and indentations, probably from me spending the whole of my existence in it. I think the real reason is because it’s in the centre of all my things. My plants I love watering, my laptop, any craft things, clothes, make up, I dunno, everything I own I suppose. But it’s a bed, it screams lay down. Chill. Browse YouTube. Have another coffee. Then before you know it, I’m going back to James’s to another bed because he’s bed is like his ‘sofa’.

It doesn’t hurt at the moment, like I’m not frustrated at how much time I’m in bed because I’ve been really low. Which, god, sounds like the worst idea. I’m still active, I went for a 3.51 mile walk today, going for a scoot with the dogs tonight, wrote a blog post (not including this one), made bruschetta, made probably about 5 cups of tea or coffee… I just rest in bed in between, I recharge. I’m looking after myself. This is dangerous territory though, I’m fully aware. I do not want to go back to the days when I lived in bed and wouldn’t leave.

Now this is the point in the post where I should make a vow that I won’t keep or put myself up for a challenge that I’m just not mentally prepared for. Nah, I’ll give that a miss for now. No Trying To Stay Out Of My Bedroom For A Week challenge. No I Promise To Only Use My Bed For Sleeping vow

Here’s what I’ll do, a compromise if you will, I’ll move my bed. To be fair, I’ve been thinking it a while. Well, like a week. I’ll start that in this post right now actually, so when I get home tomorrow I mean, because there’s going to be a lot to move, like, fucking hell, why do I have a arm chair in my room? (Surely that should be my ‘sofa’?!) (Mind blown) If I move my bed to the corner of the room, rather than the centre, I’ll have room to move, do my crafts etc. I don’t know what else, this experiment might not work.. But I’m giving it a go!! Because it’s not healthy to keep bed hopping and I really don’t want to catch an STI!

That was a joke. A poor one I know. Still a joke.


*When reading this to James he wanted me to include that although my bed isn’t the best in the world, he thinks his bed is;

“No, don’t add I think it is, say ‘his bed is the best in the world’,”

“Yeah, ‘he thinks his bed is the best in the world’,”

“No! ‘his bed is the best in the world’!”

“That’s what I said, ‘he think his bed is the best in the world’.”

People get so touchy about their beds.

“Get out of mine then if you think it’s not the best in the world.”


Aiming For The ‘Christmas Feeling’ All Year

Ideally I’d decorate my bedroom with the ‘Christmas feeling’ for all of eternity. I’m not one of those quirky’s that’ll have their Christmas tree up all year round, thank you for wondering, I’m definitely not that level of cool, but oh do I aspire to it. My level of cool only reaches to the ‘feeling’ all year round. We’re talking about feelings. I’m one of those people.

I personally have a lot. I’m not sure if that’s a thing, but when I speak to people, whether it be in depth or only skimming the surface, I always seem to have a million more emotions than the other person. I used to see it as a negative characteristic in my life – staring comments like ‘why are you so sensitive?’ – but I can’t live my life like that, I gotta embrace my ‘sensibility’ and write down that poem, hug those trees and be passionate about any little irrelevant thing that I deem worthy.

I do question whether we all have these emotions and I just refuse to push them down. I don’t just wear my heart on my sleeve – it drips off my sleeve. Like water off a ducks back, I won’t absorb the feelings into myself. Or I question if social norms keeps it in others, but that’s going down a whole different rabbit hole that I’ll only do in my brain to save you all. It’s too late for me.

But YES, I’d like to have that xmas feeling in my new bedroom. I think the closest to describing it is this hygge phenomenon that is sweeping the Earth at the moment. Unfortunately it doesn’t describe it that well because there isn’t an English translation for it, other than cosiness, but that doesn’t paint the whole picture. But I shall google the definition, one sec…

My favourite explanation is; In essence, hygge means creating a nice, warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life with good people around you. The warm glow of candlelight is hygge. Friends and family – that’s hygge too. And let’s not forget the eating and drinking – preferably sitting around the table for hours on end discussing the big and small things in life. Perhaps the Danish idea of hygge explains why Danes are often considered the happiest people in the world? 

That’s from visit Denmark.

I’ve already visited Denmark – not that I won’t again, this website is telling me to and it seems rude to ignore it. I went to Copenhagen in 2013 for my 22nd birthday, and oh my God, it’s true. It’s all true! What’s true, you ask? I dunno, but it was lovely and there’s definitely a different, relaxed feeling there, which England usually lacks in. At the time I wasn’t aware of this hygge word, but I suppose that’s what it was.

I went in May but it was gorgeous weather, and I think it may have been a bank holiday of some sort for them (it was May 15th). If not it’s even more cool because there were so many locals out in Nyhavn just drinking next to the river. Just sitting on the wall. Casual. If it was England we would have a huge fence up so no one would jump or fall in, and there’d be signs everywhere warning about how deep it is, and maybe the floor gets slippery when wet. I don’t know. I’m all for safety (anxious brain) but I’m all for this way more. I felt so comfortable there.

I’m so going to get lost on that website once I’ve finished up here.

Here is a photo of exactly what I said, didn’t even realise this photo of me existed. May 2013

I sound like I’m shitting all over England. I do love England. I can say that with confidence after living abroad.

Back on track. Bedroom. Christmas feeling. So think Santa’s workshop – without the toys everywhere and elves. Think candles, blankets, rugs. Think layers of things (I’m not a minimalist). Think lived in. Think twinkly lights, fun. Think books and tea. Think plants. Think warm, an orange glow, things I love, a work space for arts and crafts. Think imperfect. Think comfort.

That’s the plan.

Jingle all the way. Nobody likes a half-arsed jingler.

Bedroom: Teenager to Adult

2012 bedroom

As I’ve moved yet again (I’ve moved a lot in the last 5 years, that’s weird to look back on, but this time its only to a bigger room) I thought I’d share a few photos from my teenage bedroom in comparison to the one I just moved out of. I fully moved out of it 2012 when these photos were taken, which meant my photo wall disappeared, and to be fair that’s all I cared about and basically all I took photos of when I left. And to also be fair again, best way to be, my entire room was covered in photos so not sure why I always called one wall my photo wall when the others were equally covered. Teenagers, ay?! Mental.

Let us begin.

May 2012 – taken aged 21 but room decorated aged 14-19


November 2016 – aged 25


I don’t think there’s a huge difference between that room and the one I just moved out of. Less experimental with photos maybe. More ‘adult’ now. I used to cut photos out, overlap them, use masking tape to stick them to the wall, group them into colours or feeling. It was eclectic and a lot, I wish I could have captured all of it in one frame. Now I have collected artwork which I’ve framed, and have more items I’ve made. I see my old, old room as a blank canvas or a lesson which helped refine how I like to style, which I’m still learning (homes are never finished), and it may not seem important in the slightest but having creative and experimental surroundings feel comforting to me. Having a generic room isn’t comforting, it feels off and not myself, but the way I style is not for everyone, it’s definitely not for my family, but I like that.

I hadn’t finished this bedroom I just left, I was just getting started but I wanted this room I’m in now so bad. Already it feels good. I think it’s a positive change, and I’m seeking all the positivity I can get right now.

I transformed my last bedroom drastically to what it was before, and I’ve already changed this new one completely with the layout compared to how my brother had it. I go with my gut, decorating is important and fun to me, but I like it to be completely how I want it, not anyone else. There’s a ‘practical space’ that would work for everyone, then there’s a ‘practical space’ that suits me and my needs. It has to feel right. I haven’t painted but I don’t think I’m done with having grey walls yet. I need to live here for a bit then it’ll hit me round the face how I want to decorate, and I thrive on that inspiration.

how do you hang a scratch map?

I had this scratch map for a few months before it hit me in the face how I should hang it. I didn’t search the Internet for suggestions because clearly I’m an idiot. There’s probably a few options out there (I don’t know, still haven’t looked) but I don’t have a big bedroom whatsoever, so there’s a voice in me that tells me to not crowd my walls. So it wasn’t at the front of my mind of what to do. I obviously couldn’t frame it because then I can’t scratch it (but that didn’t occur to me till after a few Google searches for frames) (dumb, right?) and I don’t have the money to buy any amazing contraption that’ll fulfil all my scratch map needs. But then I ignored that voice (because it’s not mine, just social standards) as I was about to throw away an envelope then it came to me.. And perfect! I used sticky hooks to secure it to the wall and a bit of tape to make sure they’d stay in their triangle homes forever and ever. It inspires me in all different ways, that I won’t bother to list so I’ll leave you with that air of mystery. And that’s the best achievement of them all. (Not the mystery bit. Obviously.) The end. 

A Completely White Room

IMG_0962 1I think I’m more a night owl than an insomniac. Hmm.. possibly a vampire? Not by choice. Though I am not sure when my trouble started because there was a time, when I was really young, when I used to send myself to bed. That’s a story I like to hear my parents tell – as my older brother and sister would be begging to stay up late, even though they were falling asleep on their feet, I was like ‘right, I’m tired now, goodnight.’

As I became a teenager I remember having more and more trouble falling asleep at night. I used to get bad back, or headaches, I don’t know. Actually, in my 11 year old diary many entries were written past midnight. All day I can procrastinate and be mind numb. As soon as it becomes dark my mind sparks up and I can’t stop thinking. Ideas after ideas, plans, stories, and unfortunately anxiety. Real bad anxiety. Night after night. It gets really tiring. I’m so bored with it. Sleeping is so important, it effects everything.

This is where the revelation comes. At Christmas I was with the boyfriends family up North, and we stayed in a loft conversion. The room was nearly finished, just carpet, plastering and painting to go. It was a completely white room, no furniture, no distractions and a skylight with no curtain or blind that had a clear view of the sky. I haven’t slept that well in a long time. I still wasn’t a morning person (unlike the rest of the boyfriends family), but I went to sleep at an almost normal time. And each day I felt a lot better than I would have with my usual sleeping schedule.

An old project of my teenage bedroom before I moved out. All photos are on my flickr.

This has changed me. It may sound stupid to say, but I have always been against completely white walls. Probably because that is what my Mum has always preached, so my teenage room was a headache of stuff and things that I loved. And at 23 years old I have now decided to stop with this idea of covering the place I sleep with my possessions because it doesn’t relax me – I will just cover my living room instead haha (my Mum will hate to read that sentence). It isn’t ‘I have learnt my lesson Mother’, it’s ‘I’m trying something new and seeing how it goes.’7286368464_b9e99cf412_k

It seems a simple and natural setting would relax me. I loved waking up and seeing the sky straight away. I am a deep sleeper, so the sun rising doesn’t wake me or annoy me, only refreshes me once I do wake. I really love, love, love the thought of waking up and seeing the sky, no matter which season nor what the weather. No curtain or blinds for me any more, thank you. (Unless neighbours could see in. Awkward.)

This is a new journey in time and space for me. Bit dramatic? I have began to completely de clutter my bedroom – we have a bed and a wardrobe… and a corner filled with all my craft stuff. BUT this is the beginning of making my room completely white/neutral. I want to explore different ways of making my room interesting yet remain white, I want to play with different textures and layering materials to hide my inbuilt shelves. I want it to be practical, so in the day it is pretty and functional, but at night there are no distractions and is calming. I’m a colour person, this is weird for me.

If you would like to check out what is inspiring me at this first step check out my Pinterest, though I literally just made it and I am clueless on what I’m actually doing on there so bare with me. I would appreciate any suggestions, help and inspiration, I want to do DIY wall art and I really need advise on being ‘almost minimalist’.

I’m excited for this challenge. I will keep you updated on my progress, over and out, Emily x