Trying Homemade Infused Vodka 

I’ll set the scene: got the himalayan salt lamp on, lit candles, blanket over us, cuddled watching TV and could I sound any more pretentious? Oh yeah, drinking our homemade infused vodka. There you go.

It’s a gloomy day in England. What possibly could perk everything up other than trying our pineapple Infused Vodka? Spoiler; nothing else could do the job. 

And the verdict I hear you cry! It’s guilty of making me tipsy while I’m trying to write this post, for number one, and number two it tastes wonderful! A big win here. Means we can make a lot more, experiment with flavours, and give them out at Christmas! Not to random people obviously, that’ll be too weird even for me. 

Happy Thursday people! 


The Ones I’ve Completed

I think you get three types of people. Ones who aren’t interested in projects, ones who like everything done and finished, and ones who pick up new projects like a toddler picks his nose. I’m definitely the one picking my nose – wait, no, that’s not what I meant.

Completing projects seems rare. I know in the social media world everything is sparkling and perfect but no, my world lacks buckets of glitter. I’d probably choke on it anyway. My reality is that I couldn’t even list the amount of projects I have going on, and on and on and on.. It ranges from I still haven’t chosen two photos to go in those frames I fixed on the wall a month ago, to writing the next draft of a script.

Today though I will share projects in my bedroom which are done, whether they took minutes or a few months, but the point is they’re finished. Completed. Done done done.. Until I get bored and change it all up again. It happens, I’m human.

This is a combination of things found and bought. In the tiny jam jar is a crystal, the broken top of a prosecco bottle covered in wax, a flattened London coin I found and 1 Czech crown.


My wonderful oil drum which I’m too scared to put a real candle in.


My scratch map, my cork board and my key ring canvas.

img_2737-jpg-2IMG_2232.jpg 1

A year ago I posted this, about repotting some cacti. Look at it now ladies and gentlemen. Look at it now. Still in love with it.

My ugly blanket is finished and as ugly as ever.

And lastly, my very first blog post, My Top Tips For Living In Rented Accommodation, featured this cabinet, which is now a gloss grey.

Fist bump to finished projects and to starting a million more! Hear hear!


how do you hang a scratch map?

I had this scratch map for a few months before it hit me in the face how I should hang it. I didn’t search the Internet for suggestions because clearly I’m an idiot. There’s probably a few options out there (I don’t know, still haven’t looked) but I don’t have a big bedroom whatsoever, so there’s a voice in me that tells me to not crowd my walls. So it wasn’t at the front of my mind of what to do. I obviously couldn’t frame it because then I can’t scratch it (but that didn’t occur to me till after a few Google searches for frames) (dumb, right?) and I don’t have the money to buy any amazing contraption that’ll fulfil all my scratch map needs. But then I ignored that voice (because it’s not mine, just social standards) as I was about to throw away an envelope then it came to me.. And perfect! I used sticky hooks to secure it to the wall and a bit of tape to make sure they’d stay in their triangle homes forever and ever. It inspires me in all different ways, that I won’t bother to list so I’ll leave you with that air of mystery. And that’s the best achievement of them all. (Not the mystery bit. Obviously.) The end. 


Apparently making my own clothes is my favourite thing in the world.. Not the world, that’ll be pretty sad. Or would it? Life would be simple. Anyway it’s the crafting I thoroughly enjoy, so sue me if for the rest of my life I’m forever making/adapting clothes and nothing else. Ever. Again.

Here’s a few photos of my bleached jumper, made a few months ago. It was a successful experiment, a massive high five. It’s worn when England’s weather forget it’s summer. Though I have different techniques planned for future bleached items. I enjoy learning from practice rather than googling everything. A good or bad thing? You decide. 

My new canvas 

Keyrings are easily collected knick knacks that take up room if you’re not using them for their original purpose. I could keep the 25 years worth in storage. Or I could throw them out, they’re Keyrings after all. But they’re from ALL OVER THE WORLD, my brain shouts. Okay brain. You win. On canvases you will go. Huzzah! 

my cork board

I saved corks for years. In those years I had to explain to people why I kept them when they asked. Sharing ideas is liberating, which is why I inconsistently blog, but how do you show someone the visions in your brain. There was always a plan and I could always see it, and now after many many many drinks, many vague conversations with vaguely interested friends, and many different new homes for them, I can now hang up my new cork board. Because ideas don’t just vanish, and it’s always totally worth it.

IMG_2657.jpg 1

IMG_2641.jpg 1

IMG_2654.jpg 1

IMG_2661.jpg 1

IMG_2660.jpg 1

IMG_2695.jpg 1