Toddler Crafting: Primary Colours

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The toddler crafting I bring to you today was for little man to try different tools to paint with. Spoiler: painting with hands always wins. I had three box canvases, 10 cm in size, and a whole lot of enthusiasm.

‘Red’ was painted with a paint brush, ‘yellow’ with a sponge and ‘blue’ with hands. For the words I cut them out from masking tape and stuck them on the blank canvas. Once they’re painted just peal them back off. I did have to touch them up with white paint.

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You could use alphabet stickers instead, especially if you find some that are really fancy/pretty/cool. I do wonder whether if I used stickers little man would peal them off and prefer to play with them instead. He loves stickers, what can I say. Could probably bribe him with stickers better than with chocolate. Not better than blueberries though…

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The results of painting with different tools: Little man is 22 months old now. He has used a paint brush before and did a lot of jabbing with it, with a few swirls which looked pretty cool. He then slapped his hand in the red paint and tried to do hand prints on the canvas, and although it was meant to encourage using the paint brush I allowed him to go with whatever he fancied doing. Which included a blue Hitler moustache.

He has never used a sponge to paint before and I think it confused him a little. He did use it as if he was washing himself with the paint. He really gave himself a make over, but if you’ve never done it before how do you know how it feels??

Painting with his hands with the blue was obviously the easiest. He learnt that it’s quicker to put the canvas into the paint rather than transfer it with your hands. Smart lad. He also explored the back, which it hadn’t occurred to me that he hadn’t seen the back, nor understood what he’s actually painting on.

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Good job. It’s fun for all, really is. Just wish I could join in and get away with painting my own face. I mean, he painted mine, but it’s not the same.

Over and out, Emily x


Knitting After 10 Years

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The last time I knitted I was 13 years old.. I think, I can’t fully remember. It wasn’t like I made a decision to wait 10 years to knit again and made a mental note of the date. I learnt to knit when I was really young, from my Nan (and her sister once, but she knitted left handed and completely confused me). She used to do the first line for me, and then I would knit away till I had done a tiny scarf. She corrected any mistakes.

It was always a plan to start knitting again. Just one of those ‘yeah I wanna get back at that’ things, that I kept putting aside, without even realising. So this piece I knitted is me learning again.

It’s a complete mess. And it’s perfect. 

I had never cast on myself before, so I had to teach myself, with Google’s help of course. I had never cast off before either. I remembered how to knit though, whoopie!  But you can see in the photo that is went completely misshaped, and I blame wanting to knit in the dark. I just knitted, I didn’t think. I embraced every mistake because I only wanted to learn it again. Oh it was great. *ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED knitted something crap while watching youtube*

Though it does look like the start to a beanie, which is pretty cool.

IMG_1026 1Tomorrow I will reveal what I plan to do with my masterpiece.

Over and out, Emily x

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Toddler Crafting: Last Minute Valentine’s Day Card

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A last minute Valentine’s idea for you today! Technically speaking it is for babies and toddlers, but why can’t adults give each other prints? What age do we stop doing them? Totally going to start it again. I’m bringing hand prints back.

I originally wanted to do thump print to make hearts and dot them all around the card (sounds cute doesn’t it), but this babies thump was too small to work well. If you are using an older than 5 month old baby it may work. Speaking like I’m talking about a paintbrush and not a human. He is a lovely little man, I assure you.

Draw a heart and fit his feet into it, easy peasy. The trick with any print for any age is to take control – at any age they want to pull away or play with the paint, they don’t want to be still for a few seconds. Be a dictator and keep his limb still. Nothing says Valentine’s Day like being a dictator. What is going on with my brain today? I’m not a dictator, I make sure it’s fun with lots of ooo‘s and awww‘s (noise’s like that speak to them, you know? The little man in my life is nearly two, and if you exaggeratedly laugh or smile to him he mimics). In my experience, once they reach that age that they understand things a bit more and are interested in things (I can get my little man excited at helping to make me a cup of tea) they really enjoy printing, just a side-note there.

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Over and out, Emily x