how do you hang a scratch map?

I had this scratch map for a few months before it hit me in the face how I should hang it. I didn’t search the Internet for suggestions because clearly I’m an idiot. There’s probably a few options out there (I don’t know, still haven’t looked) but I don’t have a big bedroom whatsoever, so there’s a voice in me that tells me to not crowd my walls. So it wasn’t at the front of my mind of what to do. I obviously couldn’t frame it because then I can’t scratch it (but that didn’t occur to me till after a few Google searches for frames) (dumb, right?) and I don’t have the money to buy any amazing contraption that’ll fulfil all my scratch map needs. But then I ignored that voice (because it’s not mine, just social standards) as I was about to throw away an envelope then it came to me.. And perfect! I used sticky hooks to secure it to the wall and a bit of tape to make sure they’d stay in their triangle homes forever and ever. It inspires me in all different ways, that I won’t bother to list so I’ll leave you with that air of mystery. And that’s the best achievement of them all. (Not the mystery bit. Obviously.) The end. 


Knitting Update

emilyannlou 3

Long story short, I’m still crap.

emilyannlou knitting update

After trying knitting again after 10 years, I’m still in the stage of learning. I’ve completely embraced all the mistakes I’ve made and how misshaped this is. This will be the most imperfect and strange looking blanket, and it’s going to be great, right up my street.

I’m enjoying knitting, it’s relaxing. I’m not sure if I will ever learn to knit perfect little jumpers and booties for future nieces and nephews, I’ll leave that to my Nan. While I knit them ugly blankets. Thought that counts, right? The pink knitting needles says it all really.

I am getting better though! Result! 

IMG_1746.jpg 1

10 years ago, at 14, I used to get blisters on my fingers from guitar. Now I get them from knitting.

Day Tripper #5

FH000002.jpg 1

To continue the theme of being random with my content the Day Tripper I bring to you today was at Leysdown-on-Sea! Leysdown is a seaside town in Kent which isn’t the greatest of places but it’s all cool. It was a gorgeous sunny day and Little Man needed to see the sea. Needed to.

These are my favourite photos I took on my Olympus Trip 35.

FH000003.jpg 1

FH000005.jpg 1

FH000004.jpg 1

Quick game with my craft from yesterday.

FH000009.jpg 1

FH000010.jpg 1

FH000013.jpg 1

FH000011.jpg 1

FH000014.jpg 1

FH000012.jpg 1

FH000015.jpg 1

FH000017.jpg 1

FH000023.jpg 1

FH000018.jpg 1

FH000019.jpg 1

Where I left my treasure.

FH000021.jpg 1

Side note: Day Tripper – absolutely nothing to do with the meaning of the song. I just love The Beatles, like a lot.

Pebbles And Shells/Noughts And Crosses

IMG_1645.jpg 1

Random right? Yeah, bare with me.

But have you ever been out and thought to yourself ‘Do you know what I really need right now? A portable noughts and crosses set.’ 

No? Me neither.

IMG_1653.jpg 1

IMG_1668.jpg 1

IMG_1674.jpg 1

IMG_1671.jpg 1

Alas! This is the next craft for Day Tripper. It’s as simple as noughts and crosses but with pebbles and shells, yep. Pop back tomorrow to see Day Tripper #5!


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