My quick DIY – free autumn decor


IMG_5363After collecting acorn caps yesterday, I had a little crafting session while catching up on some YouTube. I’m sure there was a cup of tea, so lets say there was just to set the scene.


It took me a while to make the ball of acorns but I plan to make more in the future – does this mean I’ll have to collect more?! Damn! Well, if I have to collect more then I’ll have to. It’s not like my favourite thing in the world, or anything.






Craft Wars: Lucky number 27 – Inspired By White Collar



Welcome to the very first day of a new series. If this was TV it’ll start with a bang to get your attention. A murder or explosion, there’d be a car chase or a drug deal gone wrong, or a sex scene gone right, something jaw dropping that screams THIS IS AWESOME that will hook you and reel you in. You’ve been captured. We are all fish my friend. Sadly I don’t want to risk going to prison or hurting anyone for the sake of my blog, sorry, so lets imagine the bang and say it happened.

Woah, that bang was crazy, amirite?! Good, you’re getting it now.

My partner and I like to find that programme to watch together and then binge. Not binge and do nothing else with our lives (partly a lie, but you are still coming down from that bang and won’t realise), but if we decide to start we have the capability to watch episode after episode. No pee breaks. Eyes getting more square by the minute. It’s a tough life.

Sometimes the show doesn’t work out and we give up. Or we watch it all at once. For me I like real, I like nitty gritty, and usually English humour. My partner likes all cheese. I could compliment his character a bit by continuing that sentence – he does like cheese, but he still likes unusual things, it’s not all bad –  but my distaste is clearer this way. I had to do it. So, we have to find the right balance of cheese and realness for it to mesh well for us. At the moment White Collar is the one that made the cut. Definite cheese there, but it’s also cool.

What’s your point, Emily? Well, Emily, this new series of mine is a competition between my partner and I. Friendly, of course.. During an episode of White Collar we discussed Neil’s super cool apartment, and we both liked the number 24 on his shelf..


.. and thus we decided for whichever show we are obsessed with at that time we will both create that piece of artwork from it – and see who’s is better. For #1 in our series we both made something inspired by this number 24.


Our supplies were basic, we didn’t spend a lot of money. We, more or less, followed this amazing post by Lil Blue Boo. Corners were definitely cut, and lets say it was out of efficiency and not laziness.

We used the blu tak glue to stick the newspaper onto our canvases, then painted them white. Even at this stage we were going for different techniques. His was more orderly, which was surprising, if you knew him you’d agree, and mine was more random. He then did two coats of paint – he’s wild I tell you!

With the stencil masking taped down, I dabbed the red paint onto the canvas, but he brushed it on. Then he had to touch it up with the white after. I do feel obliged to mention the stencil was his idea though, I was going to free ball it, but backed out at the last moment.


We sanded our canvases down, which makes them look more vintage.




Then we watered down some brown paint and brushed it over the top, then rubbed it off while still wet. Can you believe it ladies and gentlemen, we are done! This project was so satisfying, and I was buzzing for two days after – from crafting something that wasn’t too difficult but looks good, to doing it with my partner and watching him enjoy it! Call me sad, but that’s the dream right there.

They’re definitely our own version but an homage to the show, and that part of our lives that it has taken up. I’d happily hang mine sideways somewhere.

I know you’re thinking it, but I’m definitely aware that this isn’t the number 24. And considering this show is about an amazing artist which forges beautiful pieces of artwork, which you see in most of the episodes, this is the thing that caught our eye?! The world is a mysterious place.






If you’d like to get involved with some friendly competition, let me know which one you like the best!