A quick incense stick holder craft


Today I thought I’d share my incense stick holder I’ve been using for a few weeks. It’s not the most practical, it makes a total mess, so I usually use it if my surfaces need cleaning anyway.

I won’t be buying a real incense holder, I know I won’t, I haven’t got the room anyway. So this is a nice, quick and easy solution that I came up with and I’m sure I’ll keep with for a long while.

It’s made out of air dry clay. I had some left over after making some moon faces, so I rolled it in a ball and stuck in a peg at an angle.

Once it was dry I painted the bottom part gold and then covered it all in PVA glue.

So that’s that. One of my crafts I use regularly and haven’t thought of sharing before. Thanks for reading!


Toddler Crafting: Photo Cut Out


Not much feels better than when a vague idea floating around in my head is executed perfectly. From Little Man painting perfectly, and fuss free, to me carefully cutting his shape out with no problems – even managed to get his eye lashes. The only slight problem was with the printer, but everything was too good to be true, something had to happen, and better the printer than my own capabilities.


I started with a paper print out of the photo I took, and two extra but in reverse that will be used at the end. Little Man chose his colours and painted the back of the normal photo.


Once dry, obviously, I cut him out using a very sharp crafting knife. There were dollops of paint, an artist choice I’m sure, so it was thicker in some parts which meant I had to go back over it. It was still a success though. I didn’t let the pressure of ruining Little Mans art get to me, I kept my cool, I had an assistant dabbing the sweat off my forehead and finished without a flat line. I’m basically a surgeon now. No? Okay.

I used a pritt stick and stuck the big painting without Little Man on to one reversed photo, and the cut out of the painting Little Man onto the other reversed photo, then cut them down to their original 7×5 size.

IMG_2773.jpg 1.jpg

Now framing. Doesn’t it seem a shame to frame something fun like this in a normal double frame. I brain stormed with my partner, Googled unique ways to frame art, and a few more hundred abbreviations on that but nothing was right, till this idea zoomed in my brain and knocked me off my chair.

I laminated the two photos. I could have stopped here and let Little Man have his pieces of art because they felt indestructible, so that might be an option in the future. Instead I made holes in each corner, found two sticks, and a third to prop it up, and used string to tie it on. (I’m definitely framing something of mine like this one day, but I’ll use pins. I can be trusted with pins. Sometimes.)


This project is so right up my street I basically live there. It’s so fun, it’s so free, it’s like Gruffalo meet Where The Wild Things Are. Which I think is the inside of a lot of Adults brains anyway.

Have a super day!



My new canvas 

Keyrings are easily collected knick knacks that take up room if you’re not using them for their original purpose. I could keep the 25 years worth in storage. Or I could throw them out, they’re Keyrings after all. But they’re from ALL OVER THE WORLD, my brain shouts. Okay brain. You win. On canvases you will go. Huzzah! 

Easy DIYs: Favourite Places #1

Why is it that we have favourite places, but we don’t live there? I mean, I know the reasons; family, work, money etc. But shouldn’t it be an important goal to live somewhere you love? Saying that, when I lived in Malta I realised how much I loved England, and now I live in England I reminisce about how much loved Malta. Aren’t we so unsatisfied! As long as we realise it, it’s cool. So here is a 3 part series of easy DIY ideas, to remember and salute your favourite places.

This is #1 

IMG_1395.jpg 1

You need: A digital download of the map, a favourite photo you took of the place, card, a printer, a craft knife.

This DIY is for one of my friend who loves the county of Cornwall. It is so easy, and looks pretty damn cool. My photos really don’t give it justice unfortunately.

Step one: Print off a map of your favourite place. With this one the more detailed on the outside of the area the better – this map is beautiful. Use a craft knife to cut out the area. Patience is key. And the realisation pain is only temporary. Then whisper to your fingers that it’s over and you won’t hurt them any more.

IMG_1381.jpg 1

IMG_1382.jpg 1

Step two: Have your favourite photo you took of the place printed (it isn’t my photo, but my friends, as this is for her), and pop it behind the map. Ta-da! Not lying, easy and looks really cool.

IMG_1384.jpg 1

Come back tomorrow for the next one in this series. Have a great day!

Over and out, Emily x