’90s babies


Two years ago I found an unprocessed film in a camera. These are the beautiful 1990’s photos that were printed for our wonderment.

I originally wrote this post two years ago but never published it. After going through the millions of posts I’ve written and left (many, many, are drunk ramblings) this one pulled my heart strings.

I’m guessing they are 19 years old, so I was 7 at the time, and wow, old fashioned or what?! I’m going through a phase of being reminiscent of my childhood – I have a Play Mobil advent calendar for Christmas this year – so it gives me all the right feelings I’m embodying right now.

You know when you look at old photos of your parents and you laugh at them for their big hair and out of fashion clothes? This is the number one reason I still make photo albums, so I can laugh at myself one day, but turns out ‘one day’ isn’t in my 40’s. ‘One day’ is only a few years down the line.

There’s things that are long gone, like my rabbit Milo, unfortunately. Or the house we lived in.

But then there are things that are timeless or making a come back. Like that pout I’m making in the first photo, and I hate to say I did that for a fair few years after – but not now! I’m also sure that was the era of the choker and crop tops.

There are also things my family still own. I have the same bauble on the Christmas tree, bought from my Nan. Speaking of my Nan, she has the same sofa. And I write all my blog posts on that big box that my Dad is proudly working on! That’s a lie, I don’t think that computer could handle anything we do now on the internet. To think I once thought we were so cool for having a modern computer.


The dream is always to look back and laugh.

FH000039FH000035FH000016FH000019FH000025.jpg 1FH000036FH000037

’90s, hell yeah.


Personalised Christmas Bauble Card



My Christmas cards this year are available to buy on etsy!


I’ve made my own cards every year for as long as I can remember. The brief history is that I used to make individual ones with my Nan, and unfortunately when I became an adult I became lazy and instead would do a photo card of myself. This time round I decided to make baubles for my family to put on the tree – of themselves, not me. It seems bizarre to give people a funny/quirky picture of me, I know that’s a Christmas thing though and I’ll probably do that again next year.

I fancied doing something different for a card this year. I suppose it’s a pre-Christmas day present for them to hang up.



Have a look at my shop FromMiles if you’re interested. They’re only £4. I haven’t really done this before so it’s all new and exciting and I LOVE CHRISTMAS and wonderful. It is completely made and designed by me.

Thank you for having a look regardless, you’re a top notch human.

Top notch is a great saying.

See ya!

Art Ideas For The Elderly 

Art and crafts helps enormously with mental wellbeing. It’s hard to not sound pretentious when saying that but I believe it to be true. It’s a positive way to express negative feelings. Creating something that feels important. It’s therapeutic. 

So what about when you’re older, when you feel you’re loosing your mind a little, and your fingers can’t handle knitting anymore, or do puzzles, painting might be a strain on your eyes and everything seems like it’s deteriorating and a little negative. What crafting options are there? 

I think if there was something simple, not too simple and childlike, but satisfying it’ll really help my grandparents. Especially if it’s something we could all get our hands stuck into when we are all gathered together. I just can’t think of what. A no mess, not much effort, similar to the colouring books for adults that are popular, but better and less constricted. 

I used to make all sorts of Christmas crafts with my nan, including decorating candles, so I think I may turn up one day with all the supplies and suggest doing that again. That’s simple and satisfying and there’s so many options for what to do. Without wanting to belittle anyone, it’s nice to have a little purpose even if it is gluing flowers to a pillar candle. 

Anyway, a good brain storming session is needed! If anyone has any ideas I’d greatly appreciate them! Please feel free to comment or email me. My ideas are limited to my own brain, but if yours get involved something great might materialise. 

I just want to bring a little joy to their lives, the best way I know how! 

Toddler Crafting: Photo Cut Out


Not much feels better than when a vague idea floating around in my head is executed perfectly. From Little Man painting perfectly, and fuss free, to me carefully cutting his shape out with no problems – even managed to get his eye lashes. The only slight problem was with the printer, but everything was too good to be true, something had to happen, and better the printer than my own capabilities.


I started with a paper print out of the photo I took, and two extra but in reverse that will be used at the end. Little Man chose his colours and painted the back of the normal photo.


Once dry, obviously, I cut him out using a very sharp crafting knife. There were dollops of paint, an artist choice I’m sure, so it was thicker in some parts which meant I had to go back over it. It was still a success though. I didn’t let the pressure of ruining Little Mans art get to me, I kept my cool, I had an assistant dabbing the sweat off my forehead and finished without a flat line. I’m basically a surgeon now. No? Okay.

I used a pritt stick and stuck the big painting without Little Man on to one reversed photo, and the cut out of the painting Little Man onto the other reversed photo, then cut them down to their original 7×5 size.

IMG_2773.jpg 1.jpg

Now framing. Doesn’t it seem a shame to frame something fun like this in a normal double frame. I brain stormed with my partner, Googled unique ways to frame art, and a few more hundred abbreviations on that but nothing was right, till this idea zoomed in my brain and knocked me off my chair.

I laminated the two photos. I could have stopped here and let Little Man have his pieces of art because they felt indestructible, so that might be an option in the future. Instead I made holes in each corner, found two sticks, and a third to prop it up, and used string to tie it on. (I’m definitely framing something of mine like this one day, but I’ll use pins. I can be trusted with pins. Sometimes.)


This project is so right up my street I basically live there. It’s so fun, it’s so free, it’s like Gruffalo meet Where The Wild Things Are. Which I think is the inside of a lot of Adults brains anyway.

Have a super day!



A Day Of Celebration 

Today my family and I will be celebrating the amazing news that the adoption for my little brother has finally gone through! Cheers! 

I’ve referenced him a lot on this blog, but as Little Man wasn’t officially my little brother but my foster brother I often said he was my nephew or I suppose made him sound like my child. He’s officially my brother, my little brother, my sibling! 

Now our family is officially a family of 6, but 13 of us have come to court to celebrate. Now there’s no worry about whether he won’t be with us in the future. Now we can watch him grow up. Now I can get excited at who he will become as a person. Now we can plan the future, long term or short term. Now when I buy a house he can have a bedroom. Now we can have brother sister arguments. Now we can have brother sister secret hand shakes. Now I can make him obsessed with Christmas like me. Now I can recreate all my great childhood memories with him. 

Now we will celebrate what a wonderful boy we are lucky to have. My brother.

Full of love for this little boy. Cheers again!

Adding Little Things To The Christmas Dining Table

be merry

For me, and I assume most other people, it’s the little things that make moments special. The things that aren’t really noticed or appreciated. They’re almost ignored, to the point when you think ‘why hasn’t anyone pointed this out’, but subliminally it’s burnt into their brain to create the cherry on top of the cake. Like, imagine visiting your Grandparents and not seeing the old nicknack’s on the shelve. Or seeing Santa but not in his grotto surrounded by presents or elf’s or all things cute, but in an empty shed, sitting on a plastic picnic chair. Why is Santa in a shed you ask, I’m not quite sure, ask him yourself, but you get the idea. It’s all about the atmosphere, and how to add it to subliminally to make the day just a little bit more special. Today I will show you two easy table decorations that I have used and you could use for the Christmas dinner table – wine necklaces and Santa napkin holders.

IMG_0935 1

I haven’t seen wine necklaces in real life, maybe it isn’t an English thing. It does seem a little bit douchy, but I wanted to be that person. Everything good about Christmas is obnoxious though so whatever (I just search ‘obnoxious’ in Urban Dictionary and it says ‘the kind of people u wanna shoot in the head…’ haha yeah).

stampsI used the same wooden discs as my antique style baubles, and stained them as I explained in the post. I really like the light stain so I wanted to use the technique again. I drew around the disc onto card and stamped the message I wanted onto the card (the reason ‘eat’ and ‘merry’ have green ink over the blue was because I wanted to re stamp it, and I could have started again, but then the other words may not have been where I wanted them to be. I don’t know, I may or may not recommend stamping over what you’ve stamped already..)

eat drink  and be merry

I cut out the stamped words using a craft knife, not very carefully unfortunately, I blame the Baileys. Wow, drinking and playing with knifes? No no, I wasn’t drunk, but as soon as I have a sip I relax and think ‘yeah, that’ll do.’

I held the card up to the light and taped the wooden disc to the back. Next I used my sliver metallic spray (it isn’t Christmas until you use sliver or gold spray), and in a ventilated area sprayed over the words. Once it dried I used a silver glitter paint and painted a few coats around the edge, and used my finger to drag it into the middle. I then used my hot glue gun to stick a silver elastic ribbon to the back. And it was done!

IMG_0885 7 IMG_0886 6

It’s always important to encourage to eat, drink and be merry, just in case they forget.

IMG_0934 1

I first made these Santa napkin holders when I was twelve or maybe even younger. This is one of the originals I made that my Mum has kept all these years. It’s made out of paper, and when it wasn’t flattened it stood up just as well as these new ones I made, and obviously were made a lot quicker so if you are stuck for time I recommend paper. But.. look at that face, I could never beat that.

IMG_0922 1These renovated Santa napkins are made out of white faux fur and googly eyes. I cut each beard to a similar shape as before and used the hot glue gun to stick the eyes in place and then the long pieces together. I was surprised the hot glue gun didn’t melt the eyes, I took a risk but it worked out well. I also had to make sure to cut off any extra material as it is a lot heavier than paper.

IMG_0931 1

I opened it up so it was like a cone, folded the bottom under, then plopped it down onto the table without much thought, so it would keep a more natural shape.

IMG_0949 1

They’re mental, I like mental.

Another idea that I have also done for a Christmas meal – instead of having place cards, I bought everyone a Christmas chocolate that was associated to them. So for my older sister I bought a One Direction Chocolate bar, her boyfriend had something Star Wars, my older brother had something Marvel and my Mum an owl (not that she actually likes them, just a private joke). I didn’t have to write anyone’s name down, they knew which one was theirs.

Over and out, Emily x

New Tradition: Christmas Book


I remember my Mum being a little reluctant when I used to come home from my Nan’s with another ‘Christmas thing’ I had made. As encouraging as she is, the thought to her of finding a place for that craft item after Christmas was a bit overwhelming (.. is that the word?) ‘more stuff’ she would say.

I don’t say this negatively, it inspired me to put together a scrap book for the little man in my life. I thought, wouldn’t it be great to decorate the outside of a scrap book each Christmas (maybe even each season) and once the celebrations are over and the decorations are coming down any crafts made could be stuck in (obviously not anything 3D) and also all Christmas photos can go in there, as we all forget to print them nowadays, and their Christmas cards. I doubt I will do anything but stick them all in there and write a few comments (example: You cried your heart out when you met Santa!) This isn’t an on going project that I’m talking about, as much as I love on going projects, I don’t want any weight on my shoulders. Just a quick and easy scrap book that I can throw together each year, filled with memories.

So this is the design I went for this year.

hand prints

I started off with printing with the toddler, green foot prints, for the ‘tree’, and yellow hand prints for the ‘star’. I did a few for back up, but any extras will be stuck into the book.


I had a pad of Christmas papers, so I tried out the different patterns, and played around with the layout before sticking it down.


I love crafting with my toddler, so much. It amazes me when he complies rather than messes around and eat the paint like I expect of an active little man. It warms my heart when I see his fascination at what we are doing. I have to remind myself that this is the first few times that he has done anything with paint, or crafting, so it is all new, and new is fun and exciting. Which in turn makes me excited to fill this book up for him.

hand book


I love this new tradition!

Over and out, Emily x