The sun came out this evening, finally

Over the years I’ve documented this field and my walks in it. I walked it in slippery mud, in crops taller than me, read The Power Of Now in it, collected things found and, as you could imagine, lost weight. I haven’t been since I joined the gym, which is a bloody shame really, but this evening with nothing to do and the sun suddenly shining after a dreary day, I went for a glorious stroll on my own. Glorious.

I didn’t plan on taking photos but I can never help myself with this field. I only had my phone though. What a good way to end a day.



What’s Been Happening?

A photo update, here we go.

Hanging with friends that I don’t often see, which is stupid. Not the hanging out part, the not seeing each other often part.IMG_2017.jpg 1

IMG_2015.jpg 1

IMG_2019.jpg 1

IMG_2039.jpg 1

I had a great time on this car ride. Not sure if the other people did. There was wine, I had Pims. No more details.

IMG_2043.jpg 1

Lot of fruit. Lots and lots of amazing fruit. Oh my. Yes.

IMG_2048.jpg 1

IMG_2051.jpg 1

IMG_2057.jpg 1

Walks in the summer heat.

IMG_2071.jpg 1

IMG_2085.jpg 1

Fed geese and ducks. They just wouldn’t stand still, it’s like they didn’t care that I had my camera out.

IMG_2102.jpg 1

Watching the sun set from my bedroom window is pretty great, there’s a few on my instagram. No filters. This habit of taking photos every evening is probably better than my habit of drinking wine and thinking I’m being funny (when I’m probably not) (but let’s be real, I was being hilarious) and then things happen like having an amazing time on a car journey while singing the Spice Girls. I told you NO MORE DETAILS. Jeez, stop asking.


What’s been happening with you this week?

Day Tripper #6

FH000003.jpg 1

Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to my fields! Day Tripper #6 in the house.

Sidenote: They aren’t mine. They are in the sense of London is, or England is mine. I don’t own them either. I am not the Queen. In case you got confused…

FH000004.jpg 1

I walk in these fields most days. I actually read the whole of ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle in these farmers fields, random fact for the day. It is and it isn’t the most beautiful walk, with the occasional piece of litter, and if it rains it is just mud. Mud. I love it. It felt most fitting to leave my craft from yesterday in these fields for someone to stumble across. If they read this I suppose now I can be stalked.. On with the show!

All the different tones of the soil are pretty cool, it changes in every photo. Something I never thought I’d say.

These are my favourite photos taken on my Olympus Trip 35.

FH000006.jpg 1

FH000008.jpg 1

FH000013.jpg 1

FH000016.jpg 1

FH000015.jpg 1

FH000018.jpg 1

FH000021.jpg 1

FH000023.jpg 1 FH000024.jpg 1

And where I left my treasure.

FH000019.jpg 1

FH000020.jpg 1

Side note: Day Tripper – absolutely nothing to do with the meaning of the song. I just love The Beatles, like a lot.