Burgers and ice cream, but not together – Veganuary


Although these homemade burgers were gorgeous it kind of looks like a Sunday roast blended into a patty, with some cream drizzled on top. Or melted ice cream. Yum.

In reality they were chickpea, carrot and bean burgers with vegan mayo – James partly followed a recipe for the mayo and partly used just what we had, which is why it was runny. RECOMMEND making your own vegan mayo though!

Then we tried vegan ice cream – like cornettos (but not Cornettos) (though I have seen adverts for vegan Cornettos) from ASDA. Personally I prefer it to normal ice cream, but James (an ice cream lover) is wolfing them down.


I’m reaching a dilemma at the moment when it comes to being vegan for the month. I am absolutely loving it and going to continue into February, then I’ll figure out the rest when I want to. The dilemma is around the word ‘vegan’ – because like I said I’m loving it and I had no idea I was going to love it. I’ll explain.

I recommend anyone trying ‘vegan mayo’ but not because it’s vegan but because it tastes really good. Like, ketchup is vegan. Everyone likes ketchup. I recommend trying these ice creams because they taste amazing. Oreos are nice. Pop the word vegan in front and people (including me before this month) assume it’s going to taste horrible and are switched off. It’s just food. Although I choose to not eat meat in my food, doesn’t mean the food I’m eating is bad. It’s actually the best food I’ve had… ever.

People around me have really embraced it though and are up for discussion. Pretty cool.

I don’t know the answer to this train of thought at the moment. Food is a personal thing, everyone is defensive on what they eat, so when you use the word ‘vegan’ and it comes across as ‘superior’, their back is up naturally.

I’ll figure it out at some point.


I kinda did it – Veganuary


I mentioned the trendy vegan bowls recently, and my lack of interest in them. Controversial, considering how pretty they look and how ugly the food I’ve been eating is.

I mean, I assume they’re full of goodness too?

I still vowed to try one.

Try one – that’s pretty vague. There’s so many different ‘bowls’ but the one we all know are the acai bowls. Still yet to give it a go but I will. I will.

Something I had yesterday, which isn’t my style or taste buds really, (but looks prettier than the other dishes I’ve been sharing this month) is this yogurt and fruit bowl. Alpro blueberry yogurt with blueberries and strawberries.

I can say, and by my own surprise, it was delicious. I don’t miss milk products (and I accidentally ate something containing milk yesterday and I had awful belly pains in bed – over sharing??) so looking for a good vegan yogurt wasn’t my top priority.


Yet here I am, writing a blog post on how much I enjoyed a soya yogurt and fruit bowl. I had a bowl. I had a vegan bowl.

Am I officially a true vegan now?


Tesco’s vegan pizza is everything you need in life – Veganuary


Remember a few days ago I said I was going to try vegan pizza and hummus???

Yeah, well we didn’t have any hummus so we didn’t do that BUT this pizza was AMAZING! No condiments needed at all, don’t you even think about it! Just leave it alone in all it’s glory.

When we bought it from Tesco (their new vegan Wicked Kitchen range) there was only one left – I mentioned James promised to share it with me and thankfully he did. I completely understand why there was only one left. You will not want to share this. Also, it’s not massive.


Never, in less than a month, have I ever made so many ‘umm’s while eating or my mind been blown so much. That’s saying something. I’m questioning what I’ve been eating most of my life because I’ve definitely made the wrong choices if I have never consistently been wowed like this before.

Wicked Kitchen range at Tesco – Veganuary


So at work I got a text from my partner saying ‘I just tried Tesco’s new vegan range and it was f**king amazing!’

I, on the other hand, couldn’t get anything at work that was a normal, pick me up, lunch. I had to buy a pack of pita bread and a pot of hummus.

Needless to say, when we both met up we rushed out to Tesco quicker than you could say ‘I’m a vegan, by the way’. James went to town as you can see by our trolley, I only bought a mushroom wrap, but there are lots of different bits and all of it looking delicious. Especially that pizza, James promised to wait for me to have it together. Stay tune to see if he keeps to it.

We are going strong on week three now. Still enjoying it thoroughly. To make sure I can make it vegan till the end of the month (or just make it alive) I better stop the spending on all these new and exciting things and actually try recipes. What more, I need to try and make them, not my partner.


Let me eat all the curry – Veganuary

If being vegan means I get to eat curry everyday, I think I’m okay with it.


I swear I don’t eat out this much, ever.

My family didn’t realise it wasn’t ‘normal’ to eat as much curry as we do till one of my typically English friends (who’s parents wouldn’t cook it because of the smell) pointed it out. Then again her shock didn’t mean much because we were shocked at her, but I’m proud to say that she had her first curry with us.

We are a curry family.

Seeing as I ate meat up until 4 and a half years ago I would have the same dishes and always with chicken.

Once vegetarian, at our favourite curry house, I took the risk of trying a Vegetable Thali (I used to be a picky eater). My mind was blown away at how delicious it was – without any meat! Although I was trying new things you quickly fall back into a routine and naturally I had my ‘usuals’.

Now, this vegan month, we have been trying new things left right and centre and I have to say that has been the best part. All the delicious foods I’ve tried. You have this idea that vegans mustn’t like food, or you have to be a meat eater to be a real ‘foodie’. Couldn’t be further from the truth.

Vegan curry – you should try it even if you eat meat. Think of it as just curry, without a label. Just delicious food.

We ordered so many different dishes, not knowing if we would like any (and my old picky eater self came out when I saw a spinach one and judged it) and they were all amazing. I don’t remember curry being this good when I ate meat.


Then quite naturally I had an onion Bhaji wrap from ASDA the next day, which wasn’t the best really but I can’t resist feeling like I HAVE to try things when I see they are vegan.

And as I finish this post I am day dreaming about finishing off the left overs from the curry house. Oh curry, I do love you.

james day 11

Oh what a huge disappointment – Veganuary


Two vegans go to a carvery for dinner..

Sounds like a good start to a joke, but sadly it’s a true story. You can also guess the outcome.

You’d naturally be like ‘why would vegans go to Toby Carvery, a place of meat, for dinner???’ BUT they have a new veggie and vegan section on the menu so why shouldn’t you try it?! That’s what it’s there for. Yeah, there are a load of other restaurants which you’d consider first, but the vegan flag was waved at us and we wanted to wave it ourselves.

Let’s just start with the bad impression I got from the start. I haven’t been to Toby Carvery since being a veggie, so it has been years and year, but people I know still go and often say ‘oh I could really do with a Toby’s’ and then after ‘I’ve got a Toby baby’. It’s a thing.

Well, after ordering a pink gin and tonic that was on the menu, being told they might not have it, she’ll have to check, and then us ordering our vegan meals and being told they might not have it, she’ll have to check… (they had all three but it’s a bad impression straight away)… after that, I noticed two adverts that just haven’t been taken down, clearly.


Summer and Christmas. Neither which is going on right now. That’s bewildering to me. We had a £5 bowl from Wasabi (that was delicious) and this meal came to £22. Wasabi didn’t have damaged menus and out of date posters.

I just think it’s really strange.

To the dinner anyway. Not worth it. It was okay, like if I made it I’d probably be proud (but I can’t cook for shit), but that small dish for £6.99?!

I had the Grilled Aubergine Stack – Grilled aubergine and Mediterranean style vegetables combined in a tomato and oregano sauce topped with a vegan white sauce and breadcrumbs. I don’t remember the white sauce now I’ve re read it.

James had the Portabello Mushroom Bullseye Tart – A hand crimpled suet pastry case, filled with an indulgent mushroom sauce, topped with a whole portobello mushroom. It wasn’t a whole portobello mushroom, it was a mini portobello mushroom.

My verdict is that it was just crap. Not worth it. Which you’d think, again, ‘can you really be surprised? It’s a carvery!’ but yeah, don’t do shit food for the sake of it. I’ve had so many delicious foods since being vegan this month, it’s blowing my mind – so why make this crap? The portion size was tiny too. You’d see people coming back from the carvery with food piled high, each person like they’re eating for two, and then we got served a child’s portion. Weird.

Also you can go to a run down place and it’s fine, adds character (most old pubs) but instead it was just the kind of place that I don’t want to waste my money on.

We left hungry and disappointed.

My advise; go to Wagamama, go to Pizza Express, even The Harvester.


Best part of it all, the pub after.