My Map

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It was 7.30am on a Thursday. The day before I had played with sticks all day. Some people in my family thought this was a weird statement when I told them what I was doing, ‘I won’t ask,’ okay then I won’t tell. I was trying to make a craft for Day Tripper, but getting no inspiration, and then suddenly it was 7.30am and I needed to leave to meet my friend in 3 hours. Totally sounds like I stayed up all night in a mad fury. Rushing around with crazy eyes, desperately looking for inspiration in all the wrong places, getting so close to my formula creation and then loosing it and smashing everything up till everything around me has taken the physical form of my mind, and dead on 7.29am I fall into my bed giving up at last, and while reflecting on my failure my alarm goes off.. No, that didn’t happen. I had just woken up, and I actually felt good and not crazy. Then from no where the idea came to label a map of of one my favourite countries; Malta.

I often follow what feels ‘right’, in all things in life. I can try all day at something, and only once I follow the path that feels right, natural and true, does it all come together. You just have to go with that feeling. With everything, sometimes it’s strange. Hard to explain, does any one else get this?

Photo by Amy Simpson

I labelled my map, inaccurately, with my favourite places that mean something to me and ironed onto cotton. I say inaccurately because it really is, like if the person who found this went to Malta and only used this map to get around (for some weird reason that I would love) they would be lost instantly. But it’s personalised to my memories.

As I said on my last Day Tripper craft, I have a collection of all different things, from recent years to forever ago, which makes doing it last minute possible. Just in case you wondered how I did this in that morning, and also got ready, and took photos and wrote the note I leave with it e.t.c. Even more, I wasn’t running late. Whoopa! I conveniently have white cotton, iron on transfers, cork and two big clips just lying around.

The third Day Tripper will be out tomorrow so stay tuned! I’ve only done these with my Mum and my friend so far and both of them just want to know what’s happened to the craft. My Mum wants to check on the first one, my friend was imagining someone finding this when they were already debating going to Malta and this convincing them.. Or they could have been thrown away, but that’s the excitement for me. The not knowing. What about you, would the not knowing be too much?

See you tomorrow, over and out, Emily x


Five Controversial Things About Me

So let’s imagine I’m at a party with all my friends and family: here are five things that would (and have before) cause controversy when brought up in conversation.

1. My favourite Queen song is Somebody To Love.

Wait what? But Bohemian Rhapsody! Don’t Stop Me Now?! Is this a joke? What about Under Pressure? I Want To Break Free?? Radio Ga Ga?! Come on!

I have great memories of singing Bohemian Rhapsody in the dark room at college, like don’t get me wrong I love it, I love Queen, but somebody find me somebody to love! Always a debate with people.

2. I’m not into social media. Maybe I just don’t get it.

But, but, but how do you live then?

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3. I’m a vegetarian.


4. I’m an atheist.

Any belief is controversial nowadays. Why can’t we all just get along?! I said that really dramatic, just so you know. But we just need to accept that everyone is different, and it’s actually cool and interesting. I want to know what you believe in, and it’ll be nice for me to share mine, and we can all nod our heads and say ‘oh wow, really? That’s cool,’ and high five. Yup.


5. I suffer with anxiety and depression.

I’m really good at the moment (just thought I’d throw that out there), but why is mental health still a taboo subject? I’m so open, don’t just ask me ‘how are you?’ in a hushed voice, ask me questions if you are really interested. It’s okay. I’m okay. It’s just like having a broken leg..

And one cheeky extra one: my boyfriend is from the north, where as I’m from the south. Ohh, mental!

I encourage Project Patrol, Payton Mckee and Tiny Kelsie to share five controversial things about yourself! That’ll be just swell.

Over and out, Emily x