Wind chime of collected junk


A few months ago I finally made my wind chime, my sacred wind chime of rubbish I’ve collected from all different places, and of course it’s not and may never be finished.

I couldn’t actually start making it till I had enough stuff collected, not that this was a thought nor a plan, but in my mind I was building it every time I found a new treasure. I probably had enough items months and months ago though, to be honest, but it was June when one morning I woke up and decided to go collect sticks and start. And, like I said, there wasn’t much thought then either, and if you carry on reading you’ll see my failure in having no plan.

If any of you have seen the film Harriet The Spy (just to let you know I was completely obsessed with it as a child) this was inspired from the junk yard where they play. To think of all the things that could capture your imagination – it’s the freedom of junk.

Look up some photos, you’ll understand.

It hangs from my door and truly jingles. I want to move it but I haven’t got a place yet. When I have my own house I want to have it in my garden.

So what is on my wind chime?

IMG_2251 3

My Mum had collected old keys from past houses, old locks, or sheds etc, and I think I had a few from the past too. Why it feels so wrong to throw away keys, we will never know.

I dripped them into little pots of fence paint that I bought for 10p each (so it’s water proof). I did it on a very hot and sweaty June day (remember that heat rise?) and I struggled in finding ways for them to dry – as you can tell by the photos. I also got my first sun burn of the year, which was a massive cross on my back because of my bikini.


(I have photos of the process because I naturally document a lot of things I do, whether I share it or not)

I also have shells and a starfish from all different beaches from all different countries. I didn’t drill any holes, I purposefully searched for ones with existing holes. My favourite shell is the one in the first photos with sand stuck on it.


And stones, one with a natural hole in and one without a hole.

I was experimenting with some shells and the hole-less stone that I picked up on a beach where my friend got married in Zante, and I ended up gluing the sting to the stone. Everything else is tied.


When I was making my wind chime I also made this wall hanging below, just to hang in my bedroom rather than outside. It has the same collected junk on: keys, stones, shells and another real starfish. Because this one looked great with natural wood, I made my wind chime with natural wood originally. Which, if you’re ready for it, is the big failure!



It was just so wrong! It’s from a horror film. I took so many photos, in different places, in different times in the day, from different distances, just to try and make myself like it. After everything was I just going to throw it all away?! So frustrating.

It reminded me Mexico’s Day of the Dead. I sent photos to a few different people and the stories I got back, oh deary me, one person said it’s like people have hung themselves, and another said its the keys from people who have died.

Like, great stories but nooo I wanted something pretty. Luckily, my friend (the one that got married in Zante) suggested painting it white and although I really wanted natural wood I just had to do it.


Luckily, it’s perfect. In the imperfect sense.

I have so many stones and shells, with holes in, scattered in different corners of my life which I have yet to add, so in the future I hope to just keep tying them on.

IMG_2251 2

I also have lots of other stones, shells and bits and bobs without holes, and therefore will not be tied up. (I collect random other stuff too, one being corks). I’ve brain stormed some ideas of what I want to do with them, although I do like them just sitting around on my window sill and surfaces. The main idea was to fill a jar or vase with them, and write each location on each layer – but I don’t remember which things came from where anymore. That idea is gone, for now.

So I’ll have a think and if I come up with something you’ll know where I’ll come to!


Side note: don’t you think it’s weird that I’ve technically hung up dead sea creatures for decor?




Tree Branch and Shells

IMG_1710.jpg 1

Do you get more attached or feel more connected to natural or artificial objects?

Two of my favourite items in my apartment I didn’t pay for, and I found them while out and about. Completely natural and perfectly imperfect. My favourite qualities in everything.

I have a lot of stuff (though I plan to get rid of most of it) and by far I feel more for these two items than the rest; my pile of shells and my tree branch. Don’t you just want to stare at those shells for hours? They’re fascinating. I’m not sure if I am going to keep them for long, I’m thinking of giving them out to some special peeps with a little message in. But they do look perfect together.. It seems a shame to split them up.. You are not attached, Emily, you are not attached! (I’m really not though.)

IMG_1667.jpg 1
The day I gathered them.

IMG_1705.jpg 1

On a walk a year ago (I think) I decided to pick up my tree branch and take it home with me. I got some real dodgy looks walking back, and even from my family when I washed it in my Mums garden. And yet when people come over they always compliment it, and I’m like ‘haaa in your face sucka!‘ You know, casual.

IMG_1703.jpg 2
IMG_1699.jpg 1

Happy days!


Pebbles And Shells/Noughts And Crosses

IMG_1645.jpg 1

Random right? Yeah, bare with me.

But have you ever been out and thought to yourself ‘Do you know what I really need right now? A portable noughts and crosses set.’ 

No? Me neither.

IMG_1653.jpg 1

IMG_1668.jpg 1

IMG_1674.jpg 1

IMG_1671.jpg 1

Alas! This is the next craft for Day Tripper. It’s as simple as noughts and crosses but with pebbles and shells, yep. Pop back tomorrow to see Day Tripper #5!


FH000008.jpg 1