We made lasagna – Veganuary

Before being cooked in the oven

I can happily say that before my lasagna dinner (and left over curry for lunch..) I ate 2 bananas and an apple. So that cancels the two huge dinners I had right? What can I say, I’m absolutely loving vegan food. I also tried a Pulsin Peanut Choc Chip Raw Choc Brownie, which I personally thought was bloody lovely! My partner seriously disagreed with me. So looks like I’ll be nabbing the pack of bars we bought.

Eating that raw brownie confirmed, for me, that vegan food can’t look nice. Other than these vegan bowls – breakfast bowls, Buddha bowls, nourish bowls, protein bowls, smoothie acai bowls – and I am yet to try any of them, because quite simply, no matter how beautiful they look I don’t think I’m going to like them.

I need to try one, I need to try one, I can’t write them off. But before that happens, let me share what mine and my partners ‘bowls’ look like.


I call this the vegan slob bowl. Let’s be real, it looks English and authentic. The country that eats cheesy beans and chips. Yet it was delicious, the best lasagna I’ve ever had.

The title says ‘we’ but we all know my partner made it all. I just stirred the cheese when he was busy doing something else.

So he;

started by frying onion and garlic in olive oil

added frozen vegan mince (Tesco £1.75, left overs from the fajitas)

then after a bit added tinned tomatoes (asda 29p), haricot beans (tesco 55p) and baked beans

cooked on high heat till it thickened up and added mixed herbs

in a sauce pan he added the cheese powder (Holland and Barrett £1.99) to cold rice milk then heated in pan on medium heat

then you start the layers – ‘meat’, then pasta (couldn’t find vegan lasagna sheets so used extra large pasta) then cheese, and so on. Then cooked for 30 minutes.


I, unfortunately, am no cook, but this seems simple enough for me to do. And whilst I can say ‘and I will do it’, I don’t think that’s realistic at the moment (I struggle with cooking because I don’t have the freedom of living alone). Plus my partner was a chef.

One day though, one day.

james day 8




Veganuary – fajitas baby

First things first – let’s mention the elephant in the room.

I don’t know how to photograph food.

Yes, I may have ‘learnt’ it at college when I was 16 (ten years ago) but since then I am very rarely photographing my food. It’s not a thing I enjoy doing particularly, I prefer just to eat, but I want to document this month and so the show must go on.

So although I am not trying being vegan for the cause – I’m really not helping the cause with how bland my photography is.


Regardless – these fajitas were delicious. So nice that my partners brother, who doesn’t like to try new things, liked it.

All this means that vegan food so far hasn’t been bad at all. It’s actually been good, really good and we are yet to have a bad meal.

So what we did;

We (my partner) started with Tesco vegan mince (£1.75) in a wok with some olive oil. 

We (him) added a bit of Tesco’s medium fajita seasoning (60p), and I’m sure a dash of some hot sauce. Cooked it for a few minutes.

Picked up a bag of veggies for 15p, added them in and then the rest of the seasoning. Cooked for only a few more minutes – I like a crunch to my veg.

Dash of water too, so it wasn’t dry.

We (me this time!) microwaved the wraps (this point doesn’t need to be mentioned, but I’m just proving I was there). 

We even added Tesco free from grated Mozzarella alternative (£2.50) to the wraps and it wasn’t bad at all! My vegan friend, after our shop at Tesco, warned us that Tesco’s cheeses are awful… but it’s not that bad. It’s not cheese, obviously, but I mean it’s like a separate thing altogether which isn’t a bad thing.

We also microwaved a tin of refried beans (£1.15), added the hot sauce again, and dipped tortilla chips in while cooking – because as you can see, I did sooo much cooking. Added it to the wraps too, just to make it taste extra good and look extra bad.


Seriously, could anything look any worse?! This project is a learning curve for so many reasons.