the cheese is nice if I can’t see it

While this is going on outside


and I look like this on the outside

emilyannlou duvet

this is what I’ve been feeding my insides.

from miles vegan sandwich burger.jpg

I will share a surprising triumph – Quorn vegan burgers with vegan cheese is really nice!

I was once a picky eater, and while getting these items out of the packaging that 12 year old girl reared her ugly head and was retching in her mouth. They don’t look good. At all. Or at least, they don’t look like what we’ve been taught ‘good’ is.


FYI, smart price ketchup is delicious.

In fear of it tasting like cardboard, I (vegan) buttered my bread, then sprinkled on a bit of salt and pepper and then covered each side with mustard and ketchup. I was scared. Scared of the cheese.

The first test passed though. It does melt.

(The burger was cut in half, hence the weird melting.)

emilyannlou vegan cheese melting 2

And the most important test.

It was good. Reeaaal good.


Such a shock. The vegan burger was good and the cheese tasted like cheese! I concluded that vegan cheese is nice if I can’t see it. Same with a lot of foods really. I should always eat blind.


Wicked Kitchen range at Tesco – Veganuary


So at work I got a text from my partner saying ‘I just tried Tesco’s new vegan range and it was f**king amazing!’

I, on the other hand, couldn’t get anything at work that was a normal, pick me up, lunch. I had to buy a pack of pita bread and a pot of hummus.

Needless to say, when we both met up we rushed out to Tesco quicker than you could say ‘I’m a vegan, by the way’. James went to town as you can see by our trolley, I only bought a mushroom wrap, but there are lots of different bits and all of it looking delicious. Especially that pizza, James promised to wait for me to have it together. Stay tune to see if he keeps to it.

We are going strong on week three now. Still enjoying it thoroughly. To make sure I can make it vegan till the end of the month (or just make it alive) I better stop the spending on all these new and exciting things and actually try recipes. What more, I need to try and make them, not my partner.


Weekend treats – Veganuary

You want to know a secret? I’m a week and one day into being vegan and I still have no idea how to say Veganuary out loud when people ask me about it. I can’t work it out. I’ve never been one for pronouncing words correctly.

Anyway, on with the show. This weekend I had many, many treats – I really am not being healthy. Some say these treats included cinnamon rolls, food from Wasabi, biscuits and a takeaway curry, though I’m not at liberty to confirm nor deny this rumour.


Though there may be some photographic evidence..

IMG_0104 1

That Wasabi dish though, omg, I’m not joking – I have fallen asleep day dreaming about eating it again. It didn’t actually say vegan in the shop, only vegetarian, but we did a little Google (the amount of times I’ve typed ‘is so and so vegan‘ into Google) (someone should do a troll site that says things that aren’t vegan, are vegan) and looked at the ingredients and we couldn’t see anything. Fingers crossed ay!

Although we definitely, no doubt want to do this honestly and stay vegan, I suppose it doesn’t worry us if by accident we weren’t. If this was about staying veggie though, it’ll be a different story. I don’t eat anything unless it says ‘suitable for vegetarians’. I’ve been caught out so many times thinking it was fine (thought of two more I was eating before finding out they weren’t veggie: French Fancies and M&Ms) (but at Christmas they do Frosted Fancies which are vegetarian) (I ate boxes and boxes of them) (seriously) (I’ve used more than my quota of brackets in this post).

I’m thinking of rustling up a summary post of good – not healthy – vegan snacks I’ve discovered and devoured.

I swear to you I’ve also been eating apples and bananas.

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