Europe road trip

do you feel more or less free knowing the world is our oyster?
go on a road trip they said, it’ll be fine they said
when I’ll think of Liege I’ll think of steps
translation: ‘beer! amirite!’
unpredictability of the road
you go down a hill and up a hill and you’re in Germany
i never really know where we are
does cologne smell nice?
all the way to Dusseldorf to buy leggings from primark
turned up to The Netherlands and it’s the kings birthday
sleeping in a cell
day 11 on the road and we reached Amsterdam
visiting The Netherlands, not Holland
arriving back to the beginning of our road trip
our last few moment in Europe and some random notes
14 days, 9 postcards, 4 countries
14 days, 8 magnets, 4 countries